Whether new or not, the management of an internet project must always be neat. This is why we have gathered the 10 constants, which, if they are properly implemented, provide a certain peace of mind to the project manager … Each digital project faces constraints, difficulties or UAE Phone Number List challenges that are specific to it. Discover our 10 key points for successful internet project management, including some methods of web project management . Rest assured, this list is obviously not exhaustive ! The 10 key points of web project management # 1.


Web specifications are vital We can give it several names: specifications , document of expression of needs , Request for proposal, first list of user-stories, … Whatever the method, if you do not start your project without putting black on white your functional, technical, ergonomic expectations, your constraints of time, budget, your technical and organizational environment (…), the project does not start at best. Without specifications, it is impossible to find a correct service provider, to have an idea of ​​the budget and deadlines.

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White Paper – Ultimate Guide to Digital Project Management # 2. A clear implementation method shared by all stakeholders A clear implementation method shared by all stakeholders Our method is the ” agile V-cycle “. Basically, we do a digital project on a fixed price, but with a little agility … Hmm … Nothing better to derail a digital project than not being clear on the method and on the commitments that that requires. If you are doing a digital fixed-price project , do it completely, with exhaustive specifications, long and detailed acceptance steps and substantial documentation.

If you do roughly, your project suffers … If you set up an agile approach, in Scrum for example, use ALL the tools: Kanban, velocity, daily standup,. .. # 3. Think “User” A digital project is carried out by actors from within. Those who think they know the users best, but sometimes (often) are wrong. And put pre-designed ideas on their digital project on what their users need. The consequence is the gas plant, the project that is not ergonomic or that falls short of the expectations and needs of the users. The challenge in your Web project is to reverse the trend: you must think like your users, meet their needs and their expectations, before pleasing your CEO …

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Here, we are talking about user experience (UX), web ergonomics, psychology (…). Lots of techniques exist. We invite you to take a quick tour of this publication: the best methods of user experience design . Think about your users during your digital project # 4. Design is just the culmination of UX thinking, not the start Sometimes, because a graphic model speaks more, because the CEO quickly wants to see what it means, we launch the creatives on the realization of models before having finished the design work. And there … patatra … we mix design discussions with functional issues, we work on the choice of colors, while the functional definition is more important.

Here again, do not lose your sense of priorities. The graphics (at the risk of making our creative friends scream) is the icing on the cake, or rather the culmination of the entire UX process. # 5. The schedule must be kept up to date, all the time … When we start a digital project , we always do a schedule , a macro-schedule, then a detailed schedule. And sometimes the weeks go by, the difficulties accumulate, the delays and addictions change, so do the priorities. The perception of the different actors then begins to differ. And it is precisely here that it becomes again vital to keep a real schedule up to date, integrating the latest events and the next deadlines.

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