Any entrepreneur worthy of the Nigeria Phone Number List  name necessarily wants more… And not just entrepreneurs! But few people know how to improve their Content Marketing to get there. And here is one of Laurent’s favorite maxims : Small streams make great rivers! So start by breaking down your end goals (more traffic, more conversions, more leads, more revenue) into smaller, easier-to-achieve steps. This is the best way to do it. It’s true that little progress accumulates to do something important. With that in mind, here are 15 quick, easy, and practical tips to help you get more traffic and conversions with your Content Marketing. Choose one, several or all, but above all put them in place. Each of the tips brings you its stone in the edifice.

To drive traffic, I’m going to focus on your content title to drive more clicks whether it’s from Google results pages or from social media posts. Then you find other tips for improving your content to generate more leads. Contents [ display ] Work on your titles to acquire more traffic Work on your titles to acquire more traffic The title is what your future visitor reads first, whether it is: On Google’s results pages, On social networks, In the subject of your e-mailing campaign, Or in your ads on Google Ads. This is why a title that makes you want to know more is the key to generating clicks and therefore visits to your site. Indeed, a catchy title encourages clicks and therefore generates more traffic. Please note : “catchy” does not mean “attracting”, at the risk of disappointing your visitors once they arrive on your page.

Work On Your Titles To Acquire More Traffic

Your bounce rate will increase and Google will divide your pages in its rankings. So here are 11 tips to improve your headlines to increase your business website traffic. 1. Be specific In addition to being unique, your title should be ultra-precise. It must provide enough information for your future customers to conclude that the content or your offer is what they are looking for. If your title is too vague, people don’t know if what you are offering them will suit them. So the headlines should speak to your target customers. The best headlines always state a specific profit. 2. Use powerful action verbs and adjectives It just means you have to work your headlines to find the most compelling words to describe your content.


Replace the verb “to be” by a verb of action, that is to say a verb which implies an act (source wikipedia ). 3. Talk to your reader 15 tips for driving traffic and conversions Whenever necessary, speak directly to your target customer. For this, favor the pronoun of the second person: “you” and “your” or possibly the “you” depending on your audience. My advice : avoid the “I” at all costs. 4. Add a number This is a trick that has been known for ages. Numbers in your headlines have been proven to increase the number of clicks received. But beware of numbers written with numbers and not with letters! (source veengage ) 5. Ask a question With a question, the user’s attention is stung. His curiosity will make him want to read your answer. 6. Write your title carefully The title is an essential component of your content.

Use Powerful Action Verbs And Adjectives

So give it the attention it deserves. The first draft is not necessarily the right one. Make several versions until you are satisfied with the result. If nothing sounds good, rephrase your title as a question and vice versa! 7. Get help with tools coschedule – Write headlines that drive traffic, shares, and search results There are free tools on the Internet to help you improve your titles. Use them without moderation. My favorite : the title analyzer offered by CoSchedule . My advice : Coschedule was designed for English. For French, avoid accented characters or rather replace them with the equivalent letters without accent. Note : you have surely noticed that I did not mention the meta-descriptions.

This is because meta descriptions have a lower impact on click-through rate. However, here are our recommendations for writing your meta descriptions if needed. On the same subject : Editorial line of your Content: 3 compromises to be gauged Improve your content to get more conversions Improve your content to get more conversions Now that your title is receiving additional clicks from Google, let’s move on to the content itself. Here are some tips to improve your conversions to use not only on your content, but also on your entire site. Your goal : generate more prospects and then win more customers. 8. Get attention from the introduction To get more conversions, your goal is to keep your reader on your page the longest. Hit hard from the introduction. Because the attention of the average Internet user is weaker and weaker!

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