At least if you’ve been reading Taiwan Phone Number List  audreytips regularly, you’ve figured out that the ideal approach to driving traffic to your business website is: Produce interesting, useful, intelligent content, Distribute it to the right places to reach your prospects, Be present to interact with Internet users who like your content to convert them into customers. But that’s not all. You still need to vary the types of content offered on your business website. Here is what Laurent specifies on this subject: Of course, publishing interesting and useful content for your potential customers is the keystone of Content Marketing. Secondly, comes the quantity of items! So, you might as well vary the pleasures! Lists, guides, expert interviews

Do you know how many types of content exist? I racked my brains, I went through the articles on #audreytips, I searched on Google to compile a more or less exhaustive list of the types of articles that any entrepreneur can write. The goal: To transform your corporate blog into a “machine to attract customers”! Contents [ display ] The 3 reasons to work and vary your types of content! The 3 reasons to work and vary your types of content! There are 2 main reasons for varying the types of content on your business website. In “technical” terms, Digital Marketing experts speak of: Increase your click-through rate (CTR), Decrease your bounce rate and increase the number of page views, Increase your conversion rate.

Turn Your Visitors Into Customers

Here is an explanation in “French” of these 3 points! 1. Attract more people to your website The click-through rate (CTR) is the first indicator of traffic to analyze. Whether it’s on social media, in your newsletter or in Google search results, it all starts with a click of a user. Without a click, no traffic to your business site! Do you feel like clicking on my link, posted in Google below? 17 effective types of content for your Marketing In any case, I do everything for. The title must be working to be attractive, the description too … And also the type of article! In this case, you are “attracted” because the title of the page announces that you are going to offer 2 examples of personas.


A priori, it’s tempting! In addition, the title clearly announces the type of content that the Internet user expects to find. Therefore, people visit your website depending on their choice of content type … It is also an effective way to set yourself apart from your competition. 2. Prevent Internet users from leaving your site Turn your visitors into customers The 2 traffic analysis metrics tell you if visitors to your site are “happy” there: The bounce rate, The number of pages visited. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the site having visited a single page.

My List Of The 17 Best Performing Types Of Content

The weaker it is, the better. And the number of pages visited is another good indicator of the interest of the content you offer. Indeed, if a user visits several pages, it means that he finds your content interesting. You work hard to acquire traffic – visitors – to your site, from social networks, by doing Email Marketing campaigns, by working on your SEO … The best way to keep these surfers on your site is to provide exceptional content. Content that makes them say “Wow, what relevant content”. One of the hidden levers for this retention of visitors to your site is also the type of articles offered. The same content can be offered under different types of content, with more or less effective “angles of attack”. Within your website,

This is the case for example on #audreytips, when I include this type of link in my pages: A link “On the same subject”, Links in the body of the text, Links to my guides in the right sidebar … All these links are intended to interest you to other articles on my blog. And again, the type of article you offer plays an important role. Working well with your content types also ensures that your visitors stay on your business website longer. Turn your visitors into customers Conquering new customers is the ultimate goal of your Digital Marketing actions. The title indicating the type of article first convinced the Internet user to visit your site. Once on your site, this user remains there being attracted by other articles to read. And to get him to order or contact you, the type of items is also decisive.

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