With this study, AlterBuzz and Visionary Marketing have joined forces to measure the perception of e-reputation in French companies in Cocos Islands Keelings Email List (excluding agencies). The result is a rich and broad panorama, which can be analyzed in several dimensions (company sizes, sectors, B2B andB2C In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f …

, and trades of the interviewees) which allowed us to draw up a precise inventory of this discipline. This analysis was enriched by expert points of view gathered during three focus groups. We organized a Webinar on June 29, 2020 live on Facebook and on Zoom (replay at the end of the article) in order to present the results and launch the debate with some of the experts who spoke in the report. And as a bonus in this post, an infographic that allows you to understand the results of the study in the blink of an eye.

A Major Study On The Online Reputation Of Companies In France In 2020

This personalization will continue offline, for example by sending personalized coupons according to what was in the online shopping cart. It is simply a matter of connecting the online and offline world and removing the boundaries that exist between these two worlds and having a personalized experience.

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Online Reputation, A Concept Well Understood Within The Company

• The notion of e-reputation is perfectly understood within companies: 88% of respondents know exactly what it is. • 70% of people questioned think that their company monitors its online reputation. Logically enough, the bigger the company, the higher the number.

• While 36% of respondents receive information to update the “e-reputation” on their company via internal channels (web team, management, etc.), nearly 30% do so personally by browsing on the Web. And 7% have a tool to measure their company’s online reputation. But 11% of those questioned did not receive any information on this subject.

• Social networks are considered to be the primary vectors of e-reputation, with Facebook in pole position among B2C respondents, and LinkedIn among B2B. The “1st page of Google” is placed just after. Followed by blogs and specialized sites, online media, YouTube, forums, review sites.


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