ptimization is also essential to Nepal Phone Number List  have good visibility on the SERPs. Remember, around 55% of Internet users stay on a Web page for less than 15 seconds (Source Neoman ), so you have to do everything to retain them! In this article, you will discover the 4 essential steps to create compelling and converting content! Contents [ display ] Step 1: Write a captivating and SEO-optimized headline Step 1: Write a captivating and SEO-optimized headline (source conductor via moz ) Before you bother to convince your readers to read your article completely, hook them up with your headline. Brian Clark of copyblogger even estimates that 8 out of 10 people read your headline, but only 2 will click to access your content . This is why, to capture the attention of Internet users, it all starts with the title!

This is indeed what they will see first, once on your web page. It is even the basis in content marketing. How to captivate Internet users with the title? If you want your visitors to read your article, first and foremost you need to captivate them with a punchy and catchy headline! To do this, do not hesitate to: Play the mystery card to arouse their curiosity, Arouse emotion by choosing a title that makes you laugh, that arouses nostalgia …, Focus on simplicity by going straight to the point. It is important that readers immediately understand the content of your article through the title. It should be easy to understand, clear and concise. Note : if you state a promise in your headline, make sure you keep it, or you risk disappointing your visitors and significantly increasing your bounce rate. Indeed,

Conclusion On Writing Content That Converts

Internet users – like search engines and social networks – hate clickbait . How to seduce Google robots? Since attracting search engine index bots is also important, you should make SEO part of your content strategy as well. Here are the basic rules of an SEO optimized title: Integrate relevant keywords, Be short, i.e. around 60 characters maximum, i.e. between 8 and 10 words, And be engaging, informative, and easy to understand. There are mainly 5 types of titles: Normal : A few ways to brew tea Question : What are the tips for making tea quickly? How : How to prepare tea easily? Number : 30 ways to brew delicious tea Address to the reader : What do you need to prepare a luscious tea? My advice :


choose a title in the form of a question or even a title including a number (4 steps for…, 10 reasons for…, 5 mistakes to avoid…) Yes, whatever the sector of activity, titles including numbers always work better, as do those formulated in the form of a question ! Also, don’t hesitate to use Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer . This tool checks, among other things: If your title is likely to convert, If it has a good length, While it is easy to understand … In addition to being efficient and free, this tool is also easy to use. Indeed, you simply enter your title and it gives it a score out of 100 as well as some suggestions for improvement. I’ve already shared some handy tips for writing headlines . Always remember that no matter how valuable your article is, if the headline doesn’t pique your reader’s curiosity,

To Sum Up In 3 Questions

you’ve wasted your writing time. Step 2: make a good introduction Step 2: make a good introduction Like the title, the introduction must also be attractive! According to AdPushup , the majority of readers get an idea of ​​the quality of content just by reading the intro . It is therefore an element not to be overlooked when creating content! If the introduction leaves something to be desired, there is a good chance that visitors will stop reading and go to another website. What is a good introduction? An introduction, which makes you want, informs readers about what will be developed in the content, while encouraging them to continue reading. Here are some effective tips for making a good introduction: Favor simplicity and originality : for example, you can do a little storytelling (personal story, imaginary ..

to hold their attention, while standing out from the competition. If possible, feel free to add a touch of humor. Include a statistic or a highlight : highlighting a statistic or an impacting event is always a great way to capture the attention of readers. Make sure, however, that there is a link with your theme. Surprise your visitors : an introduction that arouses emotion is always welcome! Don’t hesitate to ask your readers questions : make sure they are questions that correspond to their real concerns and to which they do not have the answer. Indeed, questions stimulate the brain and arouse curiosity. You can get information on social networks, forums or via Google Suggest. Opt for a short chapô : as with the title, the introduction should be clear and concise. There is no rule that defines the length of the chapô, however,

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