Everything is said in his twitter South Africa Phone Number List  nickname . She is passionate about writing. She will show you why writing in general and on your business blog in particular is beneficial for you. I showed this tweet to Laurent who immediately told me: You know I consider passion to be an essential component for the success of a business. So given Elodie’s passion, I can’t wait to read her article. With these good words, I leave the pen to Elodie. Have you ever thought about writing a blog? But did you know that blogging, and writing more broadly, can be a real plus for your health and your career? Contents [ display ] 1. Why write? It’s good for your health

Why write? It’s good for your health This is indeed what the research of Doctor @James W. Pennebaker has shown as reported in writing . A pioneer in this field, the studies carried out by this social psychologist focus on the benefit of writing in the context of traumatic experiences. And the result is final. People who write about their experiences recover better and are in better physical shape . Their immune system is even strengthened! From a psychological point of view, writing speeds up healing and resolves blockages. More generally,

Freelancers, Freelancers: You Have To Write A Blog!

writing lowers stress levels for most of us. Writing is an artistic activity just like drawing or music and can therefore be used as therapy. This is the principle of art therapy: healing through art. So how do you get the benefits of writing? As you wish: by writing a blog, a diary, poems, fanfictions, songs, lists … All forms of writing are beneficial! 2. Writing helps organize your thoughts 2. Writing helps organize your thoughts If your mind is confused at times, writing can help put your thoughts in order. Indeed, writing what is going on in your head, for example in the form of a list, not only allows you to organize your mind: What remains for me to do, What is to review,


All that is to be finished, And what is awaiting information … But the writing process also and above all helps you turn off signals like: “I have to think about…”, or “Tomorrow, I must not forget to do…” You know the thoughts that arise during the day or at night before falling asleep. With the advent of smartphones, it has become very easy to quickly write down information: In your diary (often linked to your e-mail), Or in an app like Google Keep . As soon as you think about it, all you need to do is: To register upcoming events in your calendar (medical, professional appointments, etc.), To schedule tasks (do the emptying, take the cat to the vet, etc.), Or to write down ideas in bulk for a project, in a dedicated file.

Conclusion On Why Write A Blog

This mode of operation allows initially to free the mind and therefore to reduce the stress concerning the daily management. And who says “free spirit” says “more creative spirit”! If you are working on a busy professional, artistic or personal project, you will quickly see improvements. Indeed, when we relieve our mind a little of this type of distraction, it can be more productive in a chosen area. You should also find it easier to concentrate, so you can have more fun at work. Also ideal for students! Last but not least, if you create a “Bulk Ideas” note or file, you’ll have an inspiring list on hand for those days your brain is “down”. It is indeed very pleasant, when inspiration does not come, to have a reserve of ideas or simply of sentences which will be able to trigger the inspiration.

If you’ve heard of the Miracle Morning Method , you might know that it’s all about boosting your productivity. How? ‘Or’ What ? By getting up earlier in the morning to accomplish certain tasks such as playing sports, meditating, but also reading and writing every morning! So, convinced? On the same subject : Where do the good ideas for articles for my Blog come from? 3. Blogging makes you richer 3. Blogging makes you richer What is your passion ? How do you feel when you share this passion with your friends, colleagues or acquaintances? It is often very pleasant to talk about a subject that makes us vibrate, you just have to watch passionate people express themselves.

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