I imagine that you look at your  Lithuania Phone Number List  statistics on Google Analytics on a daily basis. You hope for a sudden growth that finally shows that you are on the right track. But like every day, your curve looks like a flat encephalogram. You never thought that putting your site online was enough and you think you have a site that works wonderfully. You have also implemented a rather active social strategy, but that is not enough, your site is a ghost town. What is missing ? And what else should be done? Ooops, it hurts to hear, but Laurent is right. And if your site is a bit “dull plain”, this is what he advised me. Table of contents [ show ] What is missing from your Digital Strategy? We’re all desperately looking for that little extra trick that will explode your web traffic.

But, we have to face the facts, the much sought-after flow of visitors does not come from: ONE social network in particular, ONE advertising platform in particular, A particular CMS … You have to put the odds in your favor. I don’t want to discourage you, but giving you more chances of success also requires a greater amount of work. As my grandmother used to say, nothing is easy in this world. To achieve your goals on the Internet, start by giving your business a cutting edge website and livening it up. Don’t ignore the power of web content Don’t ignore the power of web content If you’ve been reading me for a while, the statement in my headline should come as no surprise to you

5. Bring your business website to life

Unfortunately, too many business leaders and even Marketing Directors still ignore what all of the major Internet influencers do every day: Internet Content Marketing. And it works because a site with regularly updated content simply has more visitors. To update means not only to publish new content but also to update obsolete content. Indeed, nothing more frustrating to land on a page whose content is obsolete. Why do we go on the Internet? It’s a fact: people don’t throw in their web browsers for the sole purpose of buying your products or services. They go there first of all because they are looking for information. It is for this reason that the content on your website should: First, provide the relevant information that people want to read, And then to offer that information for free and without commercial hype.


Give to receive Why did you put your website online? Surely to highlight your product and / or service offering which presents something new or better. If so, position yourself as an expert. Maybe not in everything, but in your niche, and if you are not yet an expert, seek to become one. How to do ? Share what you learn . Share it for free and regularly so your readers know when and where to easily find the information they want. Over time, you will gather many potential customers who are aware of your product or service. Even if they aren’t ready to buy right away, your brand will be ingrained in their minds. They may also be ready to share your content with others who may buy faster, or even now! Here are some statistics gleaned from the Internet: 81% of American consumers trust information and advice on the Internet (source:

To Sum Up In 3 Questions

Entity ID ), Companies that publish more than 16 articles per month receive 3.5 times more traffic than companies that publish between 0 and 4 monthly posts, and receive up to 97% more backlinks (source SEMrush ), Companies that practice Web Content Marketing generate 67% more leads (source: La Super Agence ). I advise you to keep in mind these 3 statistics to properly measure the power of web content. And pay special attention to lead generation. In addition, publishing content on your website, interacting on social networks and all other Digital Marketing activities are more and more important as your business will be done more and more online. Finally, with permanent (or evergreen ) content, all the efforts invested today in Content Marketing continue to bear fruit for many years.

Don’t go into the mouth of a wolf without being prepared Don’t go into the mouth of a wolf without being prepared On the other hand, don’t think that posting web content is easy. Of course, anyone can put some content on the web. But do you want your content to be read and have a positive impact? It is “serious hard” work! In addition, you have to be patient because you will not see the results immediately. Nonetheless, there is good news. A good approach to Content Marketing greatly simplifies the rest of your Internet marketing efforts. No more struggling to find content to share on social networks. You have your content to promote in order to drive people to your site rather than that of a competitor or an expert in your industry. In addition, the investments are really very small. It is essentially time.

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