you position links to other relevant Tunisia Phone Number List  articles. On the one hand, news sites, on the lookout for news that should get the “scoop” out before everyone else. On the other hand, content sites that reassure a customer with the aim of a possible future purchase. Obviously, as far as I’m concerned, I’m focusing on the second point. I even believe that this is the ultimate goal of any entrepreneur: how to increase their turnover ! This is why when you write web content, your article should not only be relevant and useful, but also as timeless as possible. Yes, always make sure that they are like ‘timeless’, or that if they get older, they do so elegantly. As you post more and more content ,

your audience will naturally prefer newer posts over older posts even though they are timeless. So, it is quite normal that an article which had its small success 6 months ago, is completely forgotten today. This is just the way things work on the web. Fortunately, it is also possible to recycle web content, as Laurent says : Recycling content consists of changing its format like starting from a blog article, designing an infographic or recording a podcast… and / or adapting it to another customer segment. Recycling content is the common “bad” translation of “Content repurposing” which means more exactly “adapting content for use for a different purpose”. This is why it is not a question of just modifying a content,

Increase The Lifespan And Value Of Your Content

but as you understood it, to present the subject with another point of view for example or in another format. Here are 6 most important advantages that I take away from recycling web content. Contents [ display ] 1. Easier and faster to create Easier to create The only content really suitable for recycling are so-called “evergreen” content (or permanent content). These contents do not have an “expiration” date and are not related to news. In general, the problem is often global or answers a fundamental question about your industry. Also, it is not always easy to find a new topic, especially if it is permanent content. So why not recycle existing web content. It’s not only easier and faster than creating a new one from scratch.


Indeed, there are already some elements like pictures or quotes that do not need to be changed. If you are a small business entrepreneur and manage the content on your business blog yourself, this can be a huge time saver. To recycle content, all you have to do is add new information or present it from a new perspective. You don’t have to totally rethink it. 2. Good for SEO Recycle web content – good for SEO Obviously, SEO is not just about quantity, but quantity plays an important role in SEO. This means that when you recycle successful web content, you are reposting content that is more likely to attract search engine traffic again. Thus, you increase your chances of winning new customers.

In Conclusion: Recycle Web Content

In other words, by recycling quality web content, Google becomes your friend because Google loves quality content. Laurent confirmed these words to me: On the internet, we are all disappointed when we come across old or low quality pages. You must therefore rework this content a bit, starting with those that have had the most unique visitors. To do this, recycle them! Add newer or more relevant information and work on your calls to action. This will also improve the user experience of each of these contents. Therefore, recycling your web content supports your SEO efforts. 3. Optimize your web presence Recycling web content doesn’t just mean rewriting it better.

You can also use this content and publish it in another form. Let me explain. You have an article that has seen little success. Turn it into an infographic. According to Neil Patel , you can easily double your traffic with infographics! Create a slideshow on SlideShare . With beautiful images and a little bit of text that gets to the point, your slideshow will make readers want to learn more by reading the full content on your blog. Here too, the statistics are impressive . Finally, note that Slideshare is fully integrated with LinkedIn, which is the most effective network for reaching professionals.

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