Digital Marketing, I must also remind Qatar Phone Number List  you how important video content is in your Internet development strategy. To convince you, 87% of companies use video as a marketing tool in 2019, an increase of 6% compared to 2018 (source SEMrush ) But “Posting videos” isn’t just about the technical side of filming, or about writing and scripting the videos. Like a movie, you have to take the time to broadcast it, to promote it. I came across this very complete Syril Tiar video on YouTube. I then approached Syril by contacting him via his website to ask him if he could share these tips on promoting videos on the Internet with us. Syril kindly accepted. So these are his recommendations.

Once your video has been edited, exported and the additional elements finalized, such as thumbnails in YouTube, IGTV and Facebook Watch formats, here is where to put your energy on broadcasting videos. Contents [ display ] 1. The YouTube network itself As you can imagine, a significant portion of the video traffic will be generated from the platforms on which you will publish your video. And the platform is holds the crown is YouTube. Plus, if it finds your content relevant, YouTube will push your video to audiences searching for the specified keywords. This is why when posting a video, it is important to pay special attention to these 4 points:

Natural Influencers

The title, Tags that also serve as keywords, The description in which I advise you to add hashtags. The first 3 are then displayed just above the title of your video, And especially the thumbnail of your video! The thumbnail (miniature or even thumbnail) is the showcase of your videos. This is also the image that YouTube will display in search results, for example. However, the volume of videos published being very high, if you do not carefully work on your thumbnail, you have no chance of obtaining visibility on YouTube. Respect your graphic charter and find the most catchy message. My advice : even if these obligations seem “putaclic”, it is an essential way to develop your audience on the video platform.


Either way, if you’re on WordPress, the yoast plugin advises you the same readability recommendations. So you might as well work on them upstream. Finally, pay attention to spelling and punctuation. It’s not always easy when you write over 300,000 words per year like we do on #audreytips. Get help from the spell checker from Google Docs, WordPress, or specialized tools like scribens or language tools . 11. Use “heatmaps” to optimize your conversions 15 tips for driving traffic and conversions You are working hard to get more conversions, but do you have all the information about your users’ behavior on your website? Heatmaps (or heatmaps) track visitors’ mouse movements on your pages. The color scheme indicates where their attention is, where they click, how they scroll the page, and in how long.

Stories To Promote Your Videos

he lack of awareness of Digital Marketing in the industry is surprising(source Top Health ) State your main point or start a statement that no one can deny. 9. Keep your readers interested throughout your text Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you need to hold it back. A good writing technique is to use jump squads to keep the reader interested. More and more, we scan web pages on our smartphone by scrolling through it with our thumb. Cut out with subtitles Our attention is drawn to the subtitles whose font is emphasized over that of the text. And anyway, an unventilated wall of text is difficult to read. Brighten up with pictures For the same reason, insert images, videos to capture your reader’s attention. Air with “seeds of curiosity” Finally, abuse the “ seeds of curiosity ” (or “ Bucket Brigades ”

in English). What is that ? I will explain to you… The “seeds of curiosity” are short transitional sentences placed to encourage the reader to continue reading when his level is likely to drop. For example, end a paragraph with a short one-line question. Answer it by going to the next line (like here). It works wonderfully. 10. Make your text easier to understand Keep sentences short. I always avoid my sentences being longer than 2 lines when writing on Google Docs. Avoid the passive voice as much as possible. Indeed, the passive makes your sentences confusing and less direct.

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