And here is what Laurent told me the  Algeria WhatsApp Number List  other day on this point: Obviously, work on the “technical” side of Digital Marketing, but never forget your “poet” side which makes your content so fascinating. The subject of my article aims to grow the poet in you to add more fluidity to your articles, podcasts and other video content. I use these tips every day, to write my web content with the greatest possible care. They are 7 in number, like the 7 deadly sins … Contents [ display ] 1. Read any type of content 7 Tips To Power Up Your Web Content I believe that every good writer is first and foremost a compulsive reader. Get used to reading anything and, most importantly, anything that interests you.

Do not isolate yourself with advice on writing for Content Marketing, your writing will get poorer. Read novels, news, biographies, poetry… Read anything that turns you on. Reading about many topics enriches you and will indirectly spark better ideas for your favorite topic. Additionally, all of this content feeds you with words, phrases, and verbal construct to inspire the poet inside you. Occasionally, listen to audiobooks as well. You will experience the text differently by noticing the turns of phrase and the rhythms of writing that will enrich your own work. 2. Read aloud 7 Tips To Power Up Your Web Content If you want your writing to have a pleasant reading pace, then start by knowing what it looks like.

Conclusion On How To Bring More Power To Your Web Content

To do this, simply read your writing aloud. It’s the fastest way to spot missing words, typos, wrong phrases, and confusing passages. Not to mention the problems of logic, or too rich content that addresses too many ideas at the same time. Read your content aloud at least once before you publish it. Also read them aloud when looking to improve your articles online . For even more fun, also read some of your favorite writers aloud. You will identify details about their handwriting that you have never noticed before. On the same topic : 7 Effective Ways To Promote Your Videos On The Internet 3. Follow the 24 hour rule Blog Posts – Follow the 24 Hour Rule Giving yourself time is a second practice to follow in order to empower your web content. Once your article is complete, let it sit for 24 hours before posting.


Then read it one last time. This way, you more easily identify weird expressions or bland words that you missed the day before. My advice : always give yourself a good night’s sleep to make sure you proofread your work with fresh eyes. 4. Look for analogies Blog Posts – Find Analogies One of the best ways to add texture, voice, character, and persuasion to your writing is to use analogies. To do this, write them down each time an analogy comes to mind. Likewise, spot the quotes, stories, and stats that add strength to your content. 5. Highlight a detail Blog articles – Highlighting a detail Too much detail makes your content stodgy. But a few details, chosen sparingly, give life to your writing. A detail shines more intensely when it is highlighted, like a solitaire on a ring. If you put on too many brilliants, the ring gets cluttered

Write Every Day

and it even looks cheap. In addition, sensory details sublimate a writing. They make it memorable. So look for a color, texture, smell, or other sensory detail to add – but always sparingly. That being said, not all subjects lend themselves to sensory detail at first glance. So use analogies to make them stand out. You will undoubtedly give more power to your web content and thus set yourself apart from your competition. 6. Go to the point Blog articles – Getting to the point To optimize your website and its content, it is crucial to get to the point. Your visitors should immediately understand what is the subject of the page that is displayed to them. This is the only way to keep them longer. So when you edit content, whether you authored it or not, the first thing to do is read the text to remove unnecessary words.

Then make a second pass to search for unnecessary words again. These creatures are devious – they usually like to camouflage themselves in a conversational form. After that, make a third pass to find the sentences that are too long. Reading aloud is a great help for this. In a fourth passage, look for “fancy” words to replace with simpler or clearer words. Also take the opportunity to notice words that have been overused. And use Google to find synonyms or similar phrases, or even LSI type keywords . This process is like an exfoliation With each reading, you highlight small bumps to remove and your content stores more power. With a little experience, you will find several problems in your net at once.

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