I put my course on Marketing, Social Media, and Word of Mouth online, thanks to the lockdown and the time it gave us . It has been a long time since I Dominica Email List to do an online version of this course onword of mouth. Recommendations, word of mouth marketing and social media to be essential … , marketing and social media.

Writing for the web is the blog of the We are the Words agency, a Brussels -based content marketing agencythat offers inter- and intra-company training. This blog aims to provide its readers with the keys to the success of their content strategy , from editorial design to publication and animation on social media . This blog is managed by Stéphane Briot , a sort of “web agitator” who doesn’t use the jargon and who has decided to help you transform your blog into a real professional tool . The contents are clear, the tone is shifted, the rants are assumed, and it hits the mark!

A Free Marketing Course On Social Media And Word-of-mouth Content Marketing

The opportunity was ideal, I found myself, like all of you, between my four walls and in front of my computer camera, and I took the opportunity to carry out this project long postponed until the next day. It would be reductive to place this last blog in the “ Content Marketing ” box. Choblab is interested in all disciplines that affect digital marketing ( social media, web design, SEO, etc. ). Nevertheless, we could not resist the urge to share with you one of our favorites that we discovered quite recently and which is worth the detour!

Dominica Email List

And you, what are the sites that you follow regularly and which gain to be known? Do not hesitate to share your findings with us! And if you ever need a content agency, you can think of us too!
Geoffrey Bressan & Christian Neff , The inbound marketing process is still resource-intensive (that would be too good), but we will be happy to help you if and only if you ask us, to gain this expert status and take control of your image. Are you ready to take this first step?

The Social Media Course In A Series Of Short Videos

The course was divided into small parts of 2 to 7 minutes, easy to watch and to remember because each section was dedicated to a single objective. A video, an idea of ​​sorts. With, as usual, plenty of examples, anecdotes, videos and commented books and references to articles from blogs, bloggers and authors, American or French. I left the supports in English to allow a dubbed version in the near future, and hoping that we don’t have to wait for a new virus for that.

A course intended to evolve over time and events
This course is therefore intended for students, of course, but it is also made available to all those who are interested in the subject and who want to know more about the marketing of social media used in a logic of word-of-mouth marketing. ear and not with advertising purposes.

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