Thus, your SEO agency must know if it can count on a webmaster, a web developer to provide technical optimizations, a writer or several web Tuvalu Email List internally and / or externally. The level of involvement allows the SEO project manager to estimate what he is able to do with the available resources and therefore the expected results. In addition, the business environment remains a very important (and often untapped) lever.

For example, with a good reputation, reliable and committed partners, contacts with the specialized press or by regularly participating in events, the company can rely on relays and opinion leaders who are authoritative. This will make it easier to get backlinks that boost your business’ s website SEO. 10. What is the SEO history (SEO audit, reports, etc.) of the site? What is the SEO history (SEO audit, reports, etc.) of the site? It also seems opportune that the issue of SEO work done in the past be addressed during the first discussions. You will surely be able to provide essential information that will save your SEO expert precious time. Being frank and talkative is in your best interest, trust your agency.


How Does This New Character Limit Affect Your Seo?

Here are the kinds of questions you will surely have to answer: Have you ever used an agency or an independent consultant (freelance SEO)? Did you get results? Do you have difficulty implementing technical optimizations? Do you have statistical data on traffic (access to Google Analytics, etc.), position tracking and other useful information? Obviously, if you have in your possession reports, keyword studies, previous SEO audits or traffic and position monitoring tools, these are all relevant sources of data to refine and improve quality and relevance. of the next audit.


Understanding the following criteria allows you to better benefit from Google’s algorithm. The penalty associated with the Panda update Panda is the sweet name given to one of the major updates to the Google algorithm that saw the light of day in 2011. With this update, sites whose content is neither interesting nor useful have been downgraded. Indeed, to remain the most efficient search engine, Google seeks to remove from its index pages of too low quality.


More Characters = More Possibilities Of Differentiation

My advice : as always, produce quality, relevant, useful and interesting content. It is a winning strategy not only for Google but especially for your prospects. Links to “bad company” sites Google penalizes you if your business website has outbound links to low quality sites with credibility, such as sites: Selling Pharmaceuticals Online, Offshore casino, Or other illegal activities. My advice : only insert external links on your site that bring added value for your future customers and to please Google … Wilderness redirects Carrying out redirects from one page to another, “on the sly”, can result in very heavy penalties from Google.

This can not only lead to a drop in the ranking of results, but also to a complete de-indexing of your site! Such a sanction is really, really not good for your SEO, it is the case to be said! My advice : do not practice any technique called ” black hat SEO ” by the experts. With its army of computer scientists, each more brilliant than the other, Google is probably “stronger” than you. So don’t take any chances and always do things properly. Annoying popups and ads Google aims to provide a high quality experience for Internet users who use their site. It starts from the observation that if it offers among its results sites that are not interesting for Internet users, they will no longer use Google.

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