Before, a single person took care of email marketing , because we only used one language (portuguese) and the actions were focused on a single product. Today, we have more than 6 people using this channel to capture leads or mql (in different languages, on different products).

Before, a single person was in charge of creating rich materials, today we have a complete template.

As the number of people involved in

a process increases, it is important that everyone understands what is being done. To do this, nothing better than naming things clearly and objectively.

For example, imagine that you have been promoted andto train the person Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List who will take over your previous role. The way you name things should make it easier for this person to learn (and your mission to teach them).

The rule I use with my team is: how can someone understand what that list, form, or landing page is about at first glance? .

With this in mind, we have developed some good practices for our operation, such as:

Always add a tag with the language


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In forms and workflows, always indicate the life stage of the contact with the tag [subscriber]
Follow-up emails (those that deliver the requested content on a landing page) must contain the same id as the landing page in question;
If you are going to use a dedicated thank you page, it should have the same landing page id as above; among others.

After creating so many processes, it is normal for doubts to arise on a daily basis. Then…

4. Standardize and document everything!
As much as you are a fan of highly intuitive names and. Processes, some operations are too complex or detailed for our “Simple” human brain.

Therefore, document all the processes, details, and best practices of your marketing automation plan.

Here at rock content, for example, we use a wiki to centralize all this information. And there I have a specific space for the team, where we explain all the processes that we have already created.

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