07 2019 It is with great pleasure that Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List  MV Group and its subsidiaries unveil their new employer brand! The result of several months of internal collaborative work carried out with the Précontact agency. A new campaign that makes your mouth water and makes you want to taste other ambitions with “a unique digital recipe”. A concept to support our growth in workforce, this semester we are recruiting 30 people on permanent contracts . FROM CONCEPT TO PLATE! Revealed by the work of the Précontact agency, the concept of our employer brand was identified during surveys, discussion groups and work by MV Group employees, all subsidiaries combined. For several months, we identified and then distilled our DNA in order to come

out with a formula that was authentic and differentiating. MEDIAVEILLE 5d (3) The concept is based on an endlessly adaptable creative principle which is embodied by the world of cooking. A combination of explosive flavors that nevertheless works wonderfully, just like the talents of our group. This reference to cooking is totally out of step with what digital technology conveys today, but that’s good because MV Group is not a group like the others and wants to make it known! So you are a digital talent, come join an extraordinary human adventure, where pleasure mingles with the desire to progress. Here is a small explanatory video of this project: THE PILLARS OF OUR EMPLOYER BRAND In a context of “Talent war

The Pillars Of Our Employer Brand

where candidates are thinking more of a professional adventure than of a clear career, companies must succeed in standing out. By the association of flavors, we wanted to represent in a pictorial way the association of skills but also the freedom to dare to try new experiences or opportunities. Since taking office 2 years ago, I have worked to structure our HR policy with clearly defined ambitions. We have two main issues. The first is to attract the right people , in the right place and at the right time, through recruitment or training. The second issue, in close connection with the first, concerns upgrading the skills of all of our employees. We are thus carrying out a real skills strategy for all our subsidiaries and across all of our expertise.


”Human Capital must anticipate the impacts of changes in our businesses (numerous and rapid in digital), and involve employees in the management of their professional development. With this work around the employer brand, we now have differentiating points to claim and promote internally with our employees, as well as externally with our candidates! item AN AUTHENTIC MESSAGE FOR OUR CANDIDATES Our messages are addressed to our employees, with successful examples of professional mobility, with employee testimonials, which we will also disseminate externally. The employer brand campaign is obviously also aimed at our recruitment targets. We anticipate around fifty hires in 2019, in particular profiles of experts in web marketing and natural referencing.

An Authentic Message For Our Candidates

IMG_2932-2 All of our recruitment levers will be imbued with the concept we have chosen. A concept with an authentic message because it must be said that cooking and food in general hold a very important place within the group’s subsidiaries The campaign is launched on social networks, with our messages being relayed by our employee ambassadors. The aim is to promote involvement on LinkedIn and even on Facebook, but also on employment forums and in our relations with schools. Our message is clear: joining MV Group means giving meaning to your professional life and living a real human adventure where your ambitions will be revealed differently .

Taste other ambitions with us! We systematically undertake to respond to all candidates, by email for those we have not been able to meet and by phone for others. We will tell you in full transparency the reasons for our choice. Good luck to you.We continue the party on Friday evening. On Monday, I call Christophe. A few meetings in the evening to study the file, get to know each other better and come to an agreement. The contact is good, the exchanges intelligent and the desire to move forward both is real. In 6 weeks, it’s complete. I then created MV Group to do an LBO ( leverage buy out ) and buy Mediaveille. MV Group logo Beginnings in tension Four weeks later, the time has come for the first meetings with the teams.

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