The presence of too frequent keywords in meta tags Meta tags are information, visible or not, of a document to describe it that search Uganda Email Lists use to reference a web page. Here are some meta tags: the author (s) of the document, the publication or update dates, the language used It can be tempting to insert the keyword you want to optimize your page for in all meta tags many times. For example, take an author name like “SEO Expert”, but Google is not fooled. Google sees it as an over-optimized page and can surely downgrade it.

On the same subject : 200 Google ranking criteria [76 to 100] Offsite spam criteria to take advantage of the Google algorithm Offsite spam criteria to take advantage of the Google algorithm We have just gone through some penalizing criteria related to spam on your own site. But there are also criteria for spamming outside of your own site, on other sites. A sudden and large increase in inbound links If your business site wins overnight with 500 new backlinks, when it only had a dozen previously, Google considers you cheated. My advice : have an honest, serious and long-term backlinks strategy.


Understanding User Access To The Google Search Console

Of course, never buy, under any circumstances, offers such as “500 backlinks in 24 hours, for only 49 Euros”. This is a guaranteed penalty for your SEO, plus you will generate zero qualified traffic. It is a pure waste of money and a risk for your SEO. Backlink over-optimization While the Google Panda algorithm update targets the website as a whole, another update in 2012, named Penguin , focuses on backlinks. Indeed, the Penguin filter seeks to penalize certain practices external to your site, such as netlinking and backlinks qualified as unnatural.


To appear as natural as possible, the clickable texts (anchors) of your backlinks must be as varied as possible. My advice : when you get a backlink try to insert a different anchor text each time. In addition, regularly analyze your link profile. A link profile (for your site) with a high% of low quality links If your inbound link profile (the links that point to your site, from other sites) is bad and has too many low quality links, you will be penalized. Examples of low quality links? Too many comments on forums, blogs … My advice : take the time to regularly analyze your link profile .


How To Manage User Access In Search Console

The relevance of domain names that link to your site Google takes into account the relevance of the sites on which you have backlinks. It analyzes the percentage of inbound links to your business site, from sites that have nothing to do with your business. And if it’s too high, you risk being penalized. My advice : take your backlinks strategy seriously. Look for relevance and quality. An unnatural link alert from Google Google sends various alerts to webmasters about their websites, through the Google Search Console. Among them, there are alerts concerning the detection of “unnatural” links (which is similar to the previous criterion).

My advice : if you receive such an alert in your Google Search Console, act quickly, your SEO is potentially at risk. Many links coming from the same class C IP address The fact that your company’s website receives many links from the same server (the physical computer that stores the websites) may be interpreted by Google as an attempt at spamming. Google has never said that having a bunch of links from sites hosted with the same Class C (or the same IP) was a problem. But it may have something to do with the PBN-style network of sites … Actually, I don’t know what to think about this criterion.

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