The second good news is that the Cambodia Phone Number manager can also play a positive role in this. The manager can take the initiative to start the conversation. What can we learn from the court jester of the past? But sometimes it’s hard to Cambodia Phone Number hold up a mirror to yourself. After all, you are the manager and you may be too busy to pause. The kings of the past also had that problem, only they had a court jester who held up a mirror to them. And he did so with his 16 roles: entertainer, advisor, critic, satirist, spy, confidant, mediator, blabbermouth.

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Best friend, scapegoat, coach, negotiator, mood keeper, observer, know-it-all and status symbol. 16 roles of the court jester Click for larger version Cambodia Phone Number After the French Revolution, the court jester as an institution and a profession had disappeared. In 1789 the curtain would have finally fallen for the court jester. But who can Cambodia Phone Number now increase the reflective capacity of the manager? And how can that be done? Blind spot The people who nowadays increase the reflective capacity of leaders can be very diverse.

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While some positions are more focused on increasing reflective capacity than others, it is clear across the board that this is more person-related than function-related. But actually even more important is that someone else is always needed to be able to fully reflect. After all, every manager has to deal with blind spots, or as the Johari window so beautifully describes: behavior you don’t know about yourself, but others do. Get started yourself or appoint a court jester But how do you organize that? I have developed a very simple model.

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