The capital of Petit-Beurre Lu is home  Benin WhatsApp Number List  to MV Group’s second most important center of expertise. It was time for our teams to push the walls: the team is growing, the spaces must also follow! The agency is moving to larger premises and to provide its teams with an optimal working environment to deliver the highest level of service to our clients! Shall we visit you? A growing group! Since the creation of MV Group in 2010, our growth has been continuous. We are developing our activities as well as our teams. But we needed more space: we therefore moved our Nantes center of expertise to new, much larger premises. We are therefore going from 120m2 to 600m2, still in Saint-Herblain,

on the outskirts of Nantes! IMG_3414 IMG_3363-1 Who are the group’s agencies already? MV Group is made up of 7 subsidiaries for 31 digital expertise. In short, all the ingredients to build a Data, Webmarketing and Media strategy: Mediaveille (Digital agency specializing in acquisition and conversion) Good Buy media (Media consulting agency specializing in branding & digital strategy) Winbound (Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales Agency) Avanci (Data agency specializing in customer loyalty strategy) Scoor (Influencer Marketing Agency) KPI Advance (Digital strategy audit firm) Internship301 (School of digital marketing) The Loire agency is developing strongly and the subsidiaries of MV Group are recruiting in Nantes for positions in web marketing and natural

A Growing Group!

referencing, for example . Work environment: one of the ingredients of well-being at work The group wanted to offer its employees a new working environment that is more modern, more pleasant and better suited to its needs, and with ever more geographical proximity for its customers . The development of the new premises was carried out with the support of a specialized company, and will thus promote communication and exchanges between expertise and teams, which in turn will benefit from an optimal working environment to be at the top and maintain the highest level of service for our customers.


Come on, for fun, we offer you a little snapshot of part of the team on the rooftop, they are at the top! : IMG_3412 A side dish for a unique recipe! For fans of our Mediaveille newsletter (we invite you to subscribe to it if you are not, at the bottom of the article ), here is the answer to the famous question “Why the Petit-Beurre LU has 52 teeth? ” ! Indeed, it has 52 teeth (yes, you can count), which represent the 52 weeks of the year. The 4 teeth at the corners symbolize the 4 seasons. Petit-Beurre is a biscuit that can be nibbled on all year round. For MV Group, it’s the same! Our agency is open 52 weeks a year and supports its clients without interruption, spring, summer, autumn and winter, on all of its expertise.

Work Environment: One Of The Ingredients

The group offers a unique digital recipe by providing a global solution with 7 subsidiaries, 31 areas of expertise and a single point of contact. With us, no blah, we allow French SMEs and mid-cap companies to develop their business and make them grow thanks to a clear and understandable speech !she was told: “so great, but for the bonus we preferred to give the same to everyone, including those in difficulty”. In fact it’s like in Fans school, everyone wins. But those who mobilize the most have nothing more. As his colleagues told him, “you see, there’s no point in doing more than us”. What a managerial error! How to break the legs of those who want to move forward! Maybe in fact it’s voluntary

, it shouldn’t go too far, it could overshadow some. We touch on one of the problems of certain groups: when executives slow down the machine. We are also witnessing another more general problem: management and the time required to do it. In this case, the employee returned to see her manager for explanations, she replied that things were going faster like that, there was not too much time to spend to give everyone feedback. So ultimately no real feedback from the manager and no recognition granted to the employee. It’s a shame, these are two elements that young people are fond of to move forward.


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