Analyzing the behavior of netizens in detail is a key process for seo and digital marketing professionals in general. In the end, companies today have to adapt their communication strategies to the preferences and needs of their audience on the internet.

That is why i invite you to join me in this retrospective look at the searches made by mexican users during the year. In the following lines, i am going to share some thoughts on how marketers can use this data to interact with our visitors in a precise way.

interest in health concepts has expande

although mexico and other latin american countries have improved their health Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List indicators, the pandemic is still a reality. As a result, many people show concern about health issues, especially those most closely linked to covid-19.

Take a look at some of the highly searched terms that google highlighted in their report:

What are comorbidities —


key information to understand

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previous physical conditions that can aggravate the effects of coronavirus in contaminated people;
hat is the black fungus — this fungal infection was observed in patients from different countries and drew the attention of medical authorities due to its relationship with covid;
to know if i have covid;
get the vaccination certificate and
how to register for the vaccine.

This growing user attention to health generates interesting opportunities for businesses in the medical area, which. The can produce valuable content in this semantic universe. Thus, they generate more credibility with the population and increase. The the recognition of their brands, by providing information that has a real impact on the lives of users.

But even if the core business of your company is not in the. Health industry, you can take the topic into account to humanize . The your communication, especially considering the increasing number of people who report anxiety, stress and depression.

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