What you can notice first is the visual design of the page. If we had to make a diagram, it would look like this: 3 parts. Very distinct. 1. THE HOOK We hook the Latvia Phone Number List to stop and listen to what we have to say to him with absolute attention as if we were sticking a gun to his temple. 2. THE SALES PITCH This is quite simply where we are going to place our sales pitch (via a very specific structure that you can reapply in your activity. We will analyze the structure later).

THE NOTE This is where the customer will do what you ask them to do, here fill out a voucher for the product. Now, we’re going to put our marketer scan to better decipher this page, and see how you can be inspired by it for your activity today. PART ONE: THE TITLE As we can see, the Title here takes up a lot of space in the structure of our sales page. It represents 40% of the page (not counting the voucher which takes up space).


The Title Is What Takes Up The Most Space Visually.


The title is what takes up the most space visually. Either on this site that we paid for in the newspaper, we decide to invest 40% of our budget for 10% of the words. What does that mean ? Quite simply that what you are going to put in title is the MOST IMPORTANT thing !! You should not be content to do it by feeling, and even less to start with that (you can make a draft of course) … Conceived ! It’s like you’re at the shooting range.

Latvia Phone Number List

You have a cartridge. And if you hit the mark, I offer you 5 million euros, I know that money does not buy happiness, but I think that for this sum, you at least try to fire a cartridge. And above all, I think that to shoot you will take your time. You will concentrate, control your breathing so as not to tremble to be as precise as possible in order to maximize your chances of success. So you’re not gonna shoot in 2 seconds unless you’re a guy who’s been doing this for 10 years and is used to it. There it is the same. Take your time on the title. These are the most important words you will write.


Quite Simply That What You Are Going To Put In Title Is The Most Important Thing !

This is what will harpoon your prospects (I’m not even talking about the image, if there is any, or even your ads. In short, there, that’s another subject. Hmm … a good article of ‘elsewhere, tell me if you are interested). And in a war of attention as we are today, it is more than important to know how to make GOOD titles and not to make titles written with the feet… (Obviously, it is important to make good content I’ll tell you about it in another article here )

The specificity here is that the copywriter did his job well (we can applaud him, because it proves that the guy or the girl was pro). Why ? Because he did what half does not: THIS IS THE SUBTITLE (T2) We notice the contrast between the title and the subtitle by the visual difference: here, the font size and the fact that the title (T1) is in bold. So there, you’re going to tell me: “Maxence, what’s the point of making a subtitle?” Do I have to do it on my sales pages?

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