Building that list is no more difficult than listing the keywords that define your business. After finding the keywords for your industry and your customers, let’s move on to describing your offer. On the same subject : The challenges of translating Solomon Islands Email List in Digital Marketing Search for keywords related to your product and / or service offering Search for keywords related to your product and / or service offering It does not matter whether your company’s offer is made up of products and / or services, it is essential to describe them in the form of keywords to facilitate the visibility of your company on the Internet.

Keywords relating to your offer are keywords that accurately describe your products and / or services. This can be the name of a product or a category of products. In short, these are the words that the Internet user types in Google when looking for a particular product that he intends to buy or a service on which he simply wants information. Internet users know what they are looking for. And if they’re looking for a product or service, they’re looking to learn more about your product: Why it is different, Why he is the best, And how much it costs. The keywords relating to your offer are very specific.


First Of All, Why Use Anchor Links?

It’s black or white! The result must be the product sought by the Internet user. Otherwise, it’s clickbait, often synonymous with misunderstanding or even trap. I imagine people are looking for your product on Google. So some content must target a keyword relating to your offer. Thus, you increase your chances of attracting Internet users likely to order if your product meets their expectations. These keywords are very powerful in driving sales. Indeed, the keywords relating to your product or service offer play the role of magnet vis-à-vis Internet users with an intention to purchase.


On the other hand, the competition on these keywords is generally very fierce. Indeed, all your competitors are looking to position themselves on these keywords. So be smart. Keywords relating to the #audreytips offer The products that we highlight are: Natural reference, Content Marketing, Social Networks, Emailing, Line advertisements. Note that these are the main categories of Digital Marketing actions to be taken for a business. A priori, each company must have a list of keywords relating to its offer. This is the easiest way to appear on the search engine results page for people who are potentially interested in what your business has to offer.


 Determine Where To Insert Your Anchor Link

It is therefore vital if you want to generate sales on the Internet. Note : if you do not run an e-commerce site, highlight a contact page via a form or a phone number. But your keywords must also take into account the geographic dimension. Find keywords related to geo-targeting Find keywords related to geo-targeting These are the keywords that focus on your catchment area, and therefore your location. With these keywords, Internet users have access to the search results of which businesses are found around them. Keywords describing your location should not be overlooked.

Indeed, the share of searches on mobile is more and more preponderant. And on mobile, Google, Bing, Yahoo… retrieve your precise geographic coordinates when an Internet user does a search. And the displayed results take this geographic data into account. This way, nearby businesses get priority in search results. This is the goal of local SEO . To convince you, also know that some updates of Google’s algorithm like Pigeon in 2014 are intended to refine the localized search.

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