Therefore, And a third customer saw a 22% improvement in their google ads quality score. We focus on mobile-specific adwords campaigns and landing pages. The conversion rate increased by 40% and the cost per conversion decreased by 51%.

Keep generating value with your ads
marketing is about offering more value to your audience and customers by helping them solve problems.

You can do this with interactive content,


which provides your leads with more engaging materials that address the specific concerns they face at each stage of their buying journey .

By combining interactive content and advertising campaigns, you get the best of both worlds with compelling content that has more potential to delight your audience and increase your conversion rates and sales.

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In the fourth century a. C., aristotle wrote in his book politics: “ humans are social animals by nature ”. Many other philosophers throughout history supported the truth behind aristotle’s statement. Ls vygotsky recognized this in the sociocultural theory of human learning and marshall mcluhan said that new communication technologies were building a “ global village ”.

We thrive in communities . From birth, we learn

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Therefore, to read the world through others and are greatly affected by the people we socialize with every day.

Given the immense global changes, people are spending more and more time online. In this time, communities grow and form organically through social platforms where people connect every day around the world.

These communities tend to form around passions and lifestyles. From politics, music, travel, technology, food, work and more, we are increasingly drawn to each other in digital interest groups. We’re wirelessly and digitally connected, which means we’ve taken our “social animal” preferences to a whole new level.

But where do marketers and brands fit in? In this blog, we explore how brands can grow alongside digital communities organically and intuitively.

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