Home buying tips and even renovation ideas. Potential buyers look to see the presence a real estate company has in a community. So they know who to invest their trust in when it comes to buying. Let’s look at kettler co. Real estate group. This national property management firm took to its instagram account to promote online home buyer’s classes. Showed what it might look like to close on a house during quarantine and how the organization is supporting local businesses in their area during the pandemic. How can you pivot like kettler? Using sprout’s group report. Kettler could analyze the impressions and engagements during their switch in content to determine what resonated with future home buyers. They could see which content had the most engagements after the start of the pandemic.

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So they knew which messages to continue sharing. Government Quality Directors Email Lists social to engage with your constituents and educate them about new policies and happenings under your group’s jurisdiction. Government agencies that take to social have a unique opportunity to connect with their citizens. Showing that they’re invested in the experiences of the citizens and that their care is a top priority. Let’s look at the city of las vegas. The social team switched gears to detail new policies about food and alcohol delivery in the city and posted the latest information about developments about the covid-19 pandemic and how it affects residents. The city also took to instagram to share more information about available grants for citizens to access for assistance. How can you pivot like the city of las vegas? The social team had to tap into what conversations constituents were having about how state and citywide policies were affecting them.

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By using advanced listening. The social team could determine which new orders to highlight and how citizens could access food and other services. Finance while social can pose different challenges for the finance industry with regulations on what information can and can’t be shared. Financial institutions are in a unique position to provide details about financial services. Grants and loans to help their customers understand the options available to them. Let’s look at bank of america. The brand focused on helping small businesses with its paycheck protection program to ensure small business owners didn’t need to worry about money during the pandemic. Bank of america also started promoting learning resources to help educate their audiences on financial best practices.

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