Last year, apple rolled out the iphone’s privacy feature , app tracking transparency (att), and required apps to ask users for permission before tracking them across other apps and websites.

Not only was this a problem for the seller who was totally reliant on tracking data, but it also caused real financial damage on some social platforms. According to a report, companies like facebook, youtube, snapchat, and twitter lost more than $10 billion in ad revenue following apple’s privacy changes.

And of course that, like the


controversies over the google lawsuit, worries most marketers.

In digital marketing, it is impossible to think of any strategy without using data. We know that they are essential to better understand the profile of the client or potential client and, based on this, offer more appropriate content and products or services.

In this case, transparency is even more necessary. It is required to request authorization and always make Georgia WhatsApp Number List it clear to the user what data is being collected, in addition

to offering an option to “unsubscribe”, for example.

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After all, does it make sense to have thousands of contacts in your. The base if they are not interested in what you offer? Or if for every 10 emails you send, the user opens 1?

In a privacy-first, cookie-free world, collecting your own data through great content can be a great way to keep generating leads and revenue.

To collect data securely and transparently, there are some tips you can follow:

Show the importance of collecting that data for the user;
Emphasize (and put into practice) the security of the information provided;
Ask permission (always!);
Facilitate payment (if possible, through integrations with gmail, facebook, etc.).
And, of course, make sure you deliver the promised value at the time of data capture. As customers realize the benefits of providing information, they will trust your business more, making. The this data delivery and authorization dynamic even more seamless.

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