Of course, the number of social messages received varies between companies. A b2c online retailer , for example, will receive many more requests and will have to develop faster and more robust processes to provide solutions to customers.

But even b2b companies like rock content, with most of. Their requests coming from more traditional sources, need to monitor their social media accounts and create processes to better integrate marketing with customer success.

And of course, this is a challenge. Despite the increase in demand, the hootsuite report shows that 71% of organizations have not yet started to invest in social


customer service or do not plan to invest at all.

Here at rock content, our marketing and customer success teams try to develop a Bolivia WhatsApp Number List holistic understanding of customers and execute successful partnerships on a broader scale.

Here are some tips based on what we’ve learned so far.

Keep reading, now comes the best!

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1. Marketers must work with csm teams to design their campaigns from a customer success perspective
Social networks are the opportunity to improve. The customer experience during their journey. It’s worth noting: when marketers strategize, they’re not just. Looking to attract new customers, but also keep current ones .

Let’s think of a great traditional brand: coca-cola. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know what coca-cola is, yet the company continues to advertise. Why? To maintain its position in the market.

In social networks we have another ingredient: interactivity. Anyone can talk and contact you at any time.

As christoph neut, vp of sales at sparkcentral (hootsuite) said in the social trends 2022 report:

“when you combine marketing and customer support in social media, you cover, at the same time, the main results that impact the customer’s buying experience and the final sales results. Of your company. That is the big picture that many companies still do not see.”

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