And that delivery app ad made me think that society is becoming less tolerant of ads, and a bad user experience with an ad can be to blame for poor sales and poor conversion results.

This is something we’ve known for quite some time: in 2017, the


cmo survey said that nearly 3 in 4 social media users (74%) think there are too many ads.

Another survey found that 69% of american adults believe ads. On streaming services are repetitive, and 79% find the experience annoying.

It can be said that no one likes to be interrupted, and with various entertainment options in the palm of our hands, it is likely that fewer and fewer people are willing to submit to this.

This could be the reason why a user does not watch a video to the end, stops listening to Ecuador WhatsApp Number List a podcast, or even unsubscribes from a subscription to a streaming service that, even if it is paid, insists. On having commercials. Before and during its content.

Why marketers should pay attention to this

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Platforms like tiktok have gained space and defied advertising for professionals around the world. In addition to these challenges, marketers and companies need to understand every stage of advertising production, not just the script of a commercial or the results it generates.

User behavior should guide the creative process of your ad, much more than the budget you have to invest.

Talking to my fellow performance managers in their respective roles and considering a few years of experience in this, I found some common ground when it comes to the following question. Is it possible to advertise while promoting a great experience?

I have selected some ideas about it to share with you below.

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Is it possible to advertise while promoting a great experience?
Well, for me and my colleagues, the answer is, of course! And at the same time, it is not mission impossible, the things that we really believe that all advertisers should take into account for a good user experience when developing an ad are:

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