Just make sure your mammalian Poland Phone Number brain is willing to put in the effort, that laziness is paramount. Even the neocortex can throw up all kinds of theories that list your weaknesses, so that you seem lost with Poland Phone Number no chance. Or that makes you think (in vain) every time: “I’ll start tomorrow”. The solution: passion, urgency & accessibility Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon. Packaged in three themes: passion urgency approachability Know how to organize these 3 things around the change you want to bring about.

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I hear you think: passion? Indeed, that is a scary, much too-overused word. Especially in marketing and communication. But Poland Phone Number remember: if you do something to your heart’s content, the chance that it will succeed is a thousand times greater. So at least try to find a sense of enthusiasm in the change you want to achieve. Something you do “passively” (and often) is more likely to land in your reptilian brain.

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It also helps enormously if there is a certain urgency. Why is this change important now? What does it depend on? What problem do you solve with it? In what way does it make you happier? Make it easier on yourself by thinking in if then constructs. In this way, your neocortex neatly lists the advantages and disadvantages of the change. It’s up to you to convince yourself that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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