We talk more and more about well-being Belize WhatsApp Number List  at work, and so much the better if it helps improve the lot of millions of people. This is a fundamental trend, which will continue to develop, but it cannot be resolved just with table football or by creating a position of Happiness Manager . Too often, it is cosmetic marketing to improve your employer brand . But all these announcement effects which appeal to candidates must correspond to the reality experienced on a daily basis. I have the opportunity, as part of my duties, to meet many employees who work in large national or global groups.

What I have been able to observe is that very often in these large companies which promise fabulous careers and set up recruitment processes resembling an obstacle course, employees rather feel unhappiness on a daily basis. The dream of young graduates Why this attraction? Most graduates dream of “making a career” in a large group. Pushed by their parents who are reassured and by the teachers who see it as recognition of the prestige of their school And the social benefits are numerous! But it is not enough to have restaurant tickets or RTT to flourish in your work. Especially since a professional career is long and the new generations are in search of meaning, recognition,

The Dream Of Young Graduates

novelty and lifelong learning. However, in large groups, all the posts are already distributed, and as the canteen is good, we cling to our post. Thus, many executives know that they will not find such a level of position elsewhere in the same conditions, which blocks mobility, and therefore opportunities for young people. The poor, they’re going to have to wait, a long, long time. We explain to them that “I too had to wait to get there”. The problem is, young people don’t think the same way. They want to have experiences. The meetings endlessly, not having their questions returned because it is always another service that will take several weeks or months to decide… They do not want any! MV Group employees working


The joy of large groups Not being able to influence the course of the company because decisions are made in a meeting, or outside of meetings (it is the policy … We will say that “WE have worked well” when things are going well, but that “YOU t’es trompé ”when there is a problem, when it is not the little chef who will take advantage of it to promote his work, and therefore his future advancement. To read also: The little chefs in large groups: misery for the teams! That, generally, is when it happens normally because there are also internal wars. Services that do not want others to advance because that does not enhance them; chefs who look good but who are rivals

The Joy Of Large Groups

They want to evolve, and for that it will be necessary to eliminate the others or to slip them a banana peel. Motivating teams to get out of the woods is also a management method, but no need to tell you what I think As for the support teams, they only have support in name, because on a daily basis it is the others who are at their service, who must adjust to their constraints, and God knows if they have any! The support teams explain that this is normal, that there are so many people that procedures have to be put in place. They constantly add to it: it’s a bit like the National Assembly, each one goes there with his little additional rule. Ultimately, it is the employee who loses time and energy

while it is he who must create the wealth of the company! What about HR in all of this? As for HR, there is not much human in the missions, chain interviews when they are done, no returns afterwards, and a bonus or increase that happens like that (when it happens) without real explanation. Some real life examples A personalized course and recruitment not necessary A friend who is starting out in a large group and who follows the “young managers with potential” program has just experienced her disillusionment. They were promised an individual course, with a lot of attention and specific changes in remuneration according to the investments of each. Result: she had a lower premium than what had been promised at the start of the course. When she asked if the company was not happy with its work,

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