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Of course, tiktok, snapchat, and pinterest all have paid advertising platforms that can increase the reach of advertisers’ content. His speech, however, stimulates organic behavior: that brands are part of the conversations of their users .

At rock content , we are convinced that content is an incredible approach to marketing. In the us, for example, 70% of people prefer to learn about a company or product from content, according to demand metric .

Source: pinterest

When these emerging social networks ask brands to create a conversation, they are looking for a natural interaction, like an influencer participating in a sponsored challenge on tiktok, or a brand sponsoring sofas on pinterest as Iceland WhatsApp Number List users search for inspiring home decor.

There are some brands that are doing a good job with their native content :

On twitter, the nba focuses on the news. On tiktok, the league chooses comedy and memes.

Lebron james is always clowning photobomb throwbackthursday.

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Therefore, there’s nothing holdin’ me back – shawn mendes.
The fast food company wanted to publicize its new sandwich and, using emojis on snapchat, its reach grew by 25% .

The supermarket chain uses its pinterest account to share recipes that can be made with the products sold in its stores. The channel is dividedby seasons, ingredients and occasions.

Do you want to start?
Consider what behavior the visitors of the channel in which your audience is present have. The success of all content marketing depends on the balance between your brand and the interests of the audience.

Want more tips on how to implement your social strategy? We suggest you check out hootsuite’s social trends 2022 report . Here you will find other trends about the amazing interactive experience they.

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