According to the sprout social index. 89% percent of consumers say they will buy from a brand they follow on social media and 84% will choose that brand over a competitor. When it comes to followers. The key is focusing on quality interactions and fans over quantity. Use social listening as a win-win solution for your agency and clients sprout’s social media listening is an incredibly powerful tool for understanding larger conversations around specific topics like brand health. Competitive analysis. Industry trends and other business-critical insights. Both agencies and their clients can benefit from social listening data. With listening tools like sprout’s. Agencies can supercharge their business strategy as they uncover insights that help prepare a powerful pitch. Set up topics focused on specific industries and hone in on pain points your prospective clients may be facing.

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Or. Perhaps you’re curious about the sentiment Media Directors Email Lists your agency. Get unfiltered feedback from a topic on your agency’s brand health. There are a number of ways agencies can benefit from listening internally. And clients can benefit just the same. For example. The team at leadtail. A b2b social media agency. Used analytics and real-time listening data from sprout to help one its clients better understand their top competitors and find opportunities to differentiate. “premium analytics helped us understand how our client was performing and helped us look at the competitive set and see the gap.” said karri carlson. Co-founder at leadtail. “listening allowed us to shine a light on how that gap was created…it also gave us the opportunity to come to the client with new ideas and inspiration.” for leaders like carlson.

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These insights can be the key to commanding trust from your peers and clients. “social data tells you what people care about. In relation to and beyond your brand. And who is shaping that opinion. When you bring that data back to your stakeholders. That’s when you have a real say in business strategy.” social listening can also help agencies: discover influencers for clients track conversations surrounding competitors and collaborators inspire new campaigns or creative concepts answers questions about why specific campaigns are working and why they might not be. And how to proactively adjust their strategy. Quantify how long it takes your team to accomplish things with sprout clients have to know what your service will entail. Not just the end goal.

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