Solution 3. Manage by output The good Estonia Phone Number here is that if more focus is applied to the projects, there will be room for something more beautiful. Managing by output, not by the number of hours worked. I see more and more managers who work according to this principle. Teams in which trust is encouraged to try out Estonia Phone Number new ideas, make mistakes and make independent decisions. So also about how you organize working time. Teams where you are not immediately called upon if your child accidentally walks through the screen during an online meeting.

Behavior Habits Are Pretty

What I invariably see in these teams: people are considerably more optimistic, more creative, feel valued, run faster and appreciate the mutual cooperation with their colleagues better than in companies where a strict 9-to-5 mentality is used. If we have to get something good out of this pandemic, let this be the ultimate reset moment to drastically improve our working way of lifeThe transition from 2020 to 2021 marked the end of a ‘special’ year for many.

Estonia Phone Number

Habits Are Pretty

Time for change. But how? The classic New Year’s resolutions seem more like a ritual than an effective way of changing behaviour. Then set goals? That can help focus attention, money, and energy. But how do you formulate goals if you don’t know exactly what you want yet? Then themes or theme words might be something for you. Pick a theme and work in the spirit of that theme daily. A new beginning! A new year is a special moment.

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