In your message you should of course Algeria Phone Number also start with the ‘Why?’. If all goes well, it will match your ikigai. You can distill your own brand promise from that. The how and what then form the basis for your Algeria Phone Number personal value proposition . Personal branding and reputation After you have determined your own position, you can share it with the outside world. Based on the foregoing, you understand that it is not Algeria Phone Number about making all kinds of breast-throbbing claims. It’s always better if other people tell you the good things about you anyway.

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That increases credibility. How do you Algeria Phone Number achieve that? Simple: through your own behavior. By simply showing what you stand for through your actions. Lip service is not enough for this. Word of mouth does. Therefore, the first step is to distinguish yourself by your actions. Personal branding isn’t about lip service – it’s about Algeria Phone Number word of mouth. As Frank Peters puts it in his book ‘ Reputation management for everyone ‘: It’s about doing the right thing, even when others aren’t looking.

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That must be honest and authentic. The ikigai gives you the tools to find your own ‘I’ and to constantly put it into practice (to the fore). You now know what your unique selling points are. You have defined your mission or even purpose. That is a perfect basis for profiling and positioning yourself, without boasting. Also read: Never good again: why you are more successful as a personal brand with a raw edge Your personal content plan If you now have things in order and are ready to go public more and more, it is wise to do this systematically.

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