If you want to learn more about facebook performance. You’re in good company with almost 2.5 billion monthly active users on the platform. Facebook continues to be the most used social platform for both consumers and marketers. That trend doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. In the 2020 sprout social index™. We found that 74% of social marketers and 68% of consumers said they planned to use facebook more in the coming year. That popularity carries over into sprout customers’ custom reports. Over 50% of all custom reports include five of the facebook profile sections: top messages. Engagement. Profile summary. Audience and impressions. While users can also find these sections in the default facebook pages report. Customizing helps narrow in on the data that matters most. Sprout customers can either build a report from scratch or simply duplicate and edit to remove any unwanted widgets.

Engagement Now That We’ve Established

If you want to assess your best-performing content. Use top VP Design Officers Email Lists widgets every social marketer wants to know what content resonates with their audience most. And sprout customers are no different. Top posts widgets for facebook. Instagram and twitter are used in custom reports by more than 50% of report builder customers. For each profile. The default report includes a section that contains a postcard-type breakdown of the top posts. Additionally. In the cross-channel post performance report. Users can see a table of metrics for every post published during the reporting period. But rather than jumping back and forth between each profile. Customers building their own custom reports can see all their top performing content all in one place. Top posts are typically measured by engagement metrics.

VP Design Officers Email Lists

The Importance Of Being Data Driven When

But with premium analytics. You can choose which metrics indicate successful performance. If you’re curious about additional post metrics like impressions. Average reach. Video views and more. Each of these widgets give you the option to “view post performance report” with a simple click of a button. If you want to compare paid vs. Owned content. There are widgets for that too when you put money behind content or a campaign. It’s important to track your return on that investment. Sprout’s paid reporting options let you easily evaluate the success of paid social campaigns executed through facebook. Instagram. Linkedin and twitter. Not every campaign has the same goal. But sprout users can narrow in on specific kpis with a tabular view and find their top campaign by video views. Conversions. Impressions. Engagement and more. The premium analytics report builder unlocks the capability to compare and contrast organic and paid content.

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