Bing Ads Deploys ‘Maximize Clicks’ Function Globally It’s official: Bing Ads has rolled out the “Maximize Clicks” feature globally and to all accounts. After introducing the automated bidding strategy in 2017, the new “Maximize clicks” function allows the Comoros Email List and automatic adjustment of bids in order to obtain the maximum number of clicks for the allocated daily budget. The specificities of controls on automated auction strategies There are exactly two controls: Much like Google, Bing offers the option of setting a maximum CPC at the campaign level to allow advertisers to retain some manual control over the maximum amount the system can bid.

If there are any performing keywords or ad groups in a campaign that you want to continue to manage manually, it is possible to select “Use the auction I have defined” from the strategy type of bids from the drop-down menu at the keyword or ad group level. Analysis of results and optimizations It takes at least 1 month before analyzing the results to determine if the bidding strategy via the “Maximize clicks” function works according to the set objectives, namely: bring as many clicks as possible to your site within your budget . Why this delay? According to Bing Ads, their “auction models use this time to learn and optimize.


The Specificities Of Controls On Automated Auction Strategies

Details The automated bidding strategy has nothing to do with how the traffic actually works on your site. As with other strategies of this type, if you choose to use a third-party auction management solution, you probably won’t be able to use “Maximize Clicks”. Also, Bing Ads specifies that the “Maximize Clicks” feature is Bing’s third automated strategy, including Maximize Conversions and Target CPA. SEO is a very technical job, reserved for qualified and certified technicians.


Your positioning on the main search engines depends, as explained above, on the technical structuring during the creation or redesign of your site, but also on the degree of competition of your activity on the Internet. most providers will offer you to carry out a competition study and a lexical study on the keywords on which you will have to position your activity from the launch of the site. Subsequently, medium-term optimization work is necessary to increase or maintain your top positions in search engine results. Also remember to create your pages and accounts on the various social networks.


Analysis Of Results And Optimizations

Determine the strategic accounts for your activity. If you are speaking to professionals, Linkedin is essential. If you are addressing a young target, SnapChat and Instagram are essential for example. Each network has its specific audience and may or may not be adapted to your priority target. When posting information about your business, products, and services to your news blog, consider relaying it on social media. You can find our article on social network management tools . You can also set up a newsletter subscription form on your site. This will allow you to regularly send information to your customers in a targeted manner. One last tip, plan for advertising budgets as soon as your site opens on platforms like GoogleAds or social networks.

These solutions allow you to precisely target your customers (geographic areas, purchasing habits, retargeting, etc.). The finesse of the targeting is almost infinite. These budgets will bring you rapid returns on investment while natural referencing takes over. Conclusion on the price of a WordPress site Easy to access, the OpenSource WordPress solution is very attractive and recommended for most types of websites, as we have seen in this article. The many features offered allow you to cover an almost infinite range of services for your future Internet users.

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