Bing Ads introduces action extensions in text ads After very convincing tests on the action extensions of Bing Ads, the search engine has just made this extension available worldwide. Indeed, the advertisers who tested this new action extension Chile Email List an average increase of 20% in the click-through rate. Advertisers in many verticals can use up to 70 predefined action extensions in all languages ​​supported by Bing Ads (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Swedish.

Traditional Chinese, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian). Here are some examples of action extensions for ads:Bing Ads action extensions: what you need to know Clicks on action extensions will be billed at the same cost per click (CPC) as clicks on the ad title (just like sitelinks). Action extensions can be displayed with other ad extensions, including sitelinks. Action extensions can be associated at the account, campaign, or ad group level, or the lowest level prevails (with a limit of 20 associations per level). The URL fields are all optional. If the URL is not provided for the action extension, Bing Ads will use the ad URLs (or the keyword-level URL, if provided) as the landing page when you click on the call to action button.


Bing Ads Action Extensions: What You Need To Know

You can create action extensions through Bing Ads online, using the Bulk Account Management Tool, through the Bing Ads Campaign Management Service API, or the Bulk API. Action Extensions are available in all Bing Ads marketplaces on desktop and mobile. Our consultants support you in creating your action extensions on Bing Ads to help you achieve the best performance, contact us .These optimizations relate to the creation of a consistent Hn title markup (H1, H2, H3, etc.), checking your site’s loading times and setting up 301 page redirects. in the event of an overhaul of your site so as not to lose your previous positions.


Think about training to be independent afterwards Before launching your website, a training period should be considered to allow you to take charge of the main features of your website. This phase is generally personalized according to your needs and your knowledge. Generally, half a day is enough to get started with the tool and allow you to be independent. Security and hacking WordPress is a very popular solution, which also makes it the most at risk of piracy. It is necessary to secure the interface through several optimization phases. This is a point that should not be overlooked. If your site is hacked, you risk losing everything overnight. It is mandatory to ask your service provider on this point during your call for tenders.


Action Extensions Can Be Displayed With Other Ad Extensions, Including Sitelinks.

What are the services and operating costs of a WordPress website? The operating services of a website under WordPress are to be taken into account when you prepare budgets for a creation or a redesign. The domain name The domain name defines your digital identity in a lasting way. You must therefore choose a domain name that is easy to remember, unique and actively participates in the good referencing of your website. The price of a domain name for WordPress is established between 9 and 59 € HT per year. Generally, service providers offer you to manage your domain name to guarantee annual renewal. High performance hosting, backup and monitoring Good hosting is essential for the performance of your website.

We recommend that you opt for high performance hosting with a guaranteed availability rate of 99.9%. Most providers offer server monitoring services guaranteeing you very rapid intervention in the event of problems. You must ask to benefit from a backup system for your site. In the event of a major problem, you will be able to “reassemble” your archives ”over the entire backup period. The cost of hosting is conditioned by the power and storage capacity of the server. In short, the more features and content your site has, the higher the price of hosting for WordPress will be. The first offers, including backups and monitoring, are marketed from € 20 per month Security certificates SSL certificates are now the standard for websites.

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