James Clear in Habits matter more than Goals The theme becomes even more powerful if you often consciously think about it. The Cortex podcast, it looks like an advertisement, has a notebook that you can use for that. I use it myself, but any notebook ( Bullet Journal , Hobonichi , Leuchtturm , Moleskin ) or note-taking app ( Evernote , OneNote , Day One , Notion ) will do. You record your theme or themes in your notebook. You describe the theme in a few words and what outcomes you have in mind.

Take Quite A Bit Of Energy

These can be concrete outcomes, but also manifestations such as the theme ‘relationships’ can have outcomes such as being Jamaica Phone Number quick follow-up after conversations, contacting people from your network on your own initiative, answering apps and emails quickly. That will change throughout the year, but start at where you are now. You make daily notes in your journal. You can choose to write what you do and what concerns you without a template.

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A Bit Of Energy

A journal can become more powerful if you highlight those things you want to do better or with more attention every day. For example, you can create frameworks or include fixed questions that you fill in on a daily basis. A well-known example is gratitude as a way of looking: by thinking every day what you are grateful for, you look at your day differently and you see different things. Journals that help you with this are the Five Minute Gratitude Journal (with accompanying app) or, for example , Ernst-Jan Pfauth’s gratitude book.

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