After you have clearly defined your values ​​and vision and equipped yourself with a list of inspiring brands, you can begin to craft your brand visual identity and what can be considered the face of your company – your logo design.. Again, this is something you Kenya Phone Number List do on your own or work out with a professional design team. During this phase, you will go over all aspects: your brand colors, typeface, spacing and much more. Take as much time as possible to consider your options.

Make sure that the colors influence customers correctly, that the typeface is readable from different distances, and that you can communicate your values ​​clearly. Logo guidelines Your logo is an essential element of your brand’s visual identity. When finalizing your logo, you want to create logo guidelines that are part of your brand guidelines. The logo guidelines will establish all normal elements, such as color and font. But they also go further to explain spacing and positioning.


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If you are working with a graphic designer, they will give you several options to choose from. But if you are creating your logo and guidelines yourself, remember to think about the different ways your logo will be used. Test out different options on everything from clothing and stationery to websites and apps. Place your logo in narrow and wide spaces, large and small. Make sure your logo presents itself where you need to place your brand.


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Determine your voice Then you want to know how you are viewed as a company. This part of your brand identity is more subtle than the visuals, but just as important. Identify the words you want to use consistently – words like “trustworthy” or “playful” give you a unique identity that customers will gravitate to. Also include words that your company does not use. Words like “impossible” or slang words are often cited in the “We are not” section of the brand guidelines. The voice and tone section of your brand identity can change over time, but you need to stay consistent when you start writing copy for different channels. 6. Finalize your brand guidelines Finally, you will consolidate all these decisions in the guidelines for your brand.


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Usually, a document no longer than 10 pages with all the details that a person would need to know to create an asset for your company is sufficient. Often, companies associate identity guidelines with a brand story. This is a short tale that explains how you came to forge who you are, who you are, and the future you envision. Other companies that you team up with or sponsor will use this part of your brand identity to introduce you to their customers. It’s a convenient way to ensure that your brand stays consistent, for old customers as well as new ones.

Create your brand with a logo If you’re ready to reveal the face of your company, consider creating your logo first. You can choose to work with a graphic designer to craft your logo to exact criteria or create a logo yourself using our custom logo maker . We’re dedicated to meeting your design needs, while helping you create your brand identity. Are you ready to create your brand personality and logo? Take the first step to creating your logo today.

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