Nike has focused a lot on female Turkey Phone Number empowerment in the past year . For example, at the World Cup. Before , during and after the World Cup Nike was very visible with storytelling aimed at making dreams come true and of Turkey Phone Number course Just Do It . The video below is voiced by Serena Williams, a woman who has been repeatedly busted for wanting too much, championing inequality (after her pregnancy, the Turkey Phone Number tennis federation placed her 451st in the Women’s Tennis Association ranking , which she successfully challenged) and is still an inspiration to many. 6. UNOX – Times change Winter is coming, time for stew.

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Sausage  a thought that generations Turkey Phone Number have grown up with. But times are changing, the demand for vegetarian and vegan alternatives is growing. A question that Unox is also aware of (Unilever took over De Turkey Phone Number Vegetarische Slager in 2018). That is why there is now also a vegetarian smoked sausage. You can of course portray this with a typical Dutch scene as we see so much on TV this time of year. But Unox surprisingly opts for animation here and with success. On TV you often see the shortened version of 20 seconds, the full video lasts 1 minute and takes you into the story of a little girl growing up.

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A meat manufacturer Unox, because indeed Turkey Phone Number times change. 7. Mercedes Benz I have to admit, the first 30 seconds of this video I was skeptical. I found the setting quite dramatized, like a small feature film or trailer including Turkey Phone Number a soundtrack with sad violins. But it is a story that you keep looking at (and isn’t that the power of storytelling?). The look and feel also match the script and decor. The fact that true Turkey Phone Number historical facts formed the basis for this short makes it all the more interesting. The historical past of the Mercedes Benz brand and in particular the Benz family has played a major role in the development.

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