How to be more competitive? How Bahrain WhatsApp Number List  to sell more? How to adapt to digital transformation? But did they ask themselves the question about what slows them down, or even blocks them? And sometimes (even often reaching a certain size), they are confronted with a major evil, but never mentioned aloud in the strategic axes and yet source of so many “stones in the shoes” of the company and the teams: EGO The ego is for me like the cancer of a company, devious, and inconspicuous (at first) and yet it is generalized, it is everywhere and is expressed in a multitude of forms: Status: executive or non-executive?

Job title and business card The size of the desk, even the number of windows and even the thickness of the carpet or the desk lamp The proximity of the office to that of the boss The size of the car, or the parking space in front of the door The trip in 1st class, the hotel of a certain standard Leader or not leader, the number of people in the team and especially vis-à-vis other leaders Have the right to participate in a meeting, even the Grail, at the Codir Etc. Hand of a collaborator on her mouse In short, it’s a bit like drugs, when we put our noses in it we find it difficult to function without it and yet… In the beginning, the intentions were good. The main objective

For The Company

was to support the development of a good employee and to give him the recognition that each of us expects when he has the feeling of working well. But, it is clear that over time this is not good either for the employee himself, or of course for the company because in the end the side effects are numerous and often devastating. For the employee Legitimately, at the start, he is happy, we recognize his work, his quality, it is recognition. The problem is that the more we have the more we want and sometimes we just shoot for that, or even for that The main danger is to become hostage to it. For example, a few years later, we may take less pleasure in our function, we may want to change, we would like


But we don’t do it because we are reminded by our ego. We know it would be better for us, but we don’t feel ready to face the gaze or questions of others What will my family say? My friends ? What will my colleagues think of it? How are we going to explain my choice to them? And so, some will prefer not to change and keep these “privileges” even if it means making themselves unhappy in their job and for many years to come. The end of a career risks being very sad, even unhappy, because we quickly understand that the motivation will no longer be there. For the company Demotivation First, she will have to work with less motivated people. The one who is concerned, as mentioned above, but also and above all all the others.

Side Effect On The Team

How is his team going to get fishing? How are the other subjects impacted by this team going to be able to complete them on time? Side effect on the team Not to mention the side effects of having someone addicted to ego on your team. Often, to get there, he had to give a few nudges, if not to “push down the stairs”, but he needs so much to exist that he “swallowed” all the gratitude to those who surround it. Suffering at work This phenomenon creates real suffering at work for others (and the end for the person) by the feeling of injustice it provides and often the lack of listening and recognition, because it is often “his apple” before the others No fun at work

The operational teams do not take pleasure in everyday life and watch the “ego wars” or “these cockfights” of certain companies which are often dumbfounded and then fatalistic. Loss of meaning Easy to understand that the next consequence is the loss of meaning for the teams. The decisions that are made do not always meet the needs of the company (or sometimes even serve its interests). As for the customer, he is far from all these discussions. Teams are ready to mobilize on a clear project, with a guideline understood, but when decisions go in the opposite direction, the message is particularly destructive. mv-group05112019sbourcier089 Consequences While the company says it wants to move forward, it faces two major problems: Brakes to change : these main ego “champions

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