With such an abundance of content available online, the more engaging and interesting your pieces and materials are, the more engagement and conversions you will receive. You have to differentiate yourself!

Therefore, you ever taken an online quiz or come across a trendy site full of buttons and spaces for you to put information? These are just two examples of interactive content.

But there is much more.


Some types of interactive content may include

Therefore, calculators;
animated ebooks;
clickable whitepapers;
information centers (hubs);
resource libraries;
Therefore, landing pages.
Interactive content allows you to get more feedback from your users, as it Nepal WhatsApp Number List extracts important data from the lead during the consumption of the materials, an advantage for your content and sales teams.

What is the customer journey and why is content important?

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The customer’s journey refers to the process, interactions and experiences that your potential customers live to make the purchase of your products or services, that is, it is the path that leads a potential customer to make a purchase .

These steps include:

awareness: the potential customer recognizes that they have a problem and need solutions. Example: if you are a company that sells inventory control software, you can create content such as “tips on how to organize your company’s inventory”.
Therefore, Consideration: the potential customer is investigating ways to solve their challenge. Example: a store owner identifies an inventory control problem and needs a solution. They start looking for content like “how to calculate the ideal inventory for your company”.
Decision: the client has enough information to make a well-informed decision. Example. Therefore, a store owner decided that he needed software to control inventory and start looking at options. They start comparing products. It’s the perfect time to offer comparison articles and even a free trial of your product.
Your priority is to make sure you have personalized content for each person at each stage of the journey.

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