But this would post your information if you won an all-expenses-paid trip to the maldives (and if the form is from a reputable company, of course!).

I know I gave an unusual example, but the idea here is to take you to a strategic reflection: are the forms you use (or plan to use) adequate to the information you really need, your sales process and the value you will add?

Could you capture 2 fields, nurture these

contacts and take them to a reconversion, where they would provide another 2 or 3 important pieces of information? Anyway… think about it!

And maybe you are wondering “But what is the ideal number of forms?” and Albania WhatsApp Number List once again, here we have the famous “less is more”!

The business environment changes a lot and quickly. If you create a form for each rich content your company makes, in 2 years, how many forms would you have?

And then imagine that you change the

Albania WhatsApp Number List

business model and you need to update the fields that capture the forms. How much time would you spend updating the tool?

And how can you consolidate information from identical forms that only change the offer?

This was a learning experience that I experienced first hand here at rock content. We already had specific forms for some ebooks or webinars, then we noticed this maintenance difficulty and created 1 universal form for lead generation (per language).

Of course, there is a risk that we will have a problem with this form and drastically hurt our results, but since we use these universal forms for everything, we always keep an eye on the numbers. And in case of problems, it is very easy to investigate.

3. Name things clearly and objectively
Although the rock content marketing team is still small, we have changed the roles that existed within it.

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