Brands can quickly answer frequently asked questions so consumers can easily receive information on changing store hours. Closed locations and online shops. With chatbots in place. Your customer care team can focus on the most pressing issues. Higher education social media is a great way to broadcast updates and alerts about what your university is up to. Whether your students in different departments are engaging in activities in the community. Tackling innovative ideas or changing dining hall hours.students. Faculty. Parents and staff look to get updated via social. Let’s look at trinity college. While the school sent all students home for the semester during the covid-19 pandemic. They took to social to start promoting their student emergency & equity fund. This fund provides students with financial assistance for emergency expenses – think textbooks. Medications. And food insecurity.

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How can you pivot like trinity college? The student Engineering Directors Email Lists & equity fund applied to all students on campus. Regardless of the program the students were enrolled in. A tool like sprout’s shared content calendar enables higher ed social teams to see posts across departments and ensure students campus-wide get the same information and access to resources. Healthcare your social media strategy centers around education and keeping the public informed about how to best take care of themselves. Healthcare can be scary for a lot of people due to a lack of education. Use social to show the more human side of medicine and alleviate the fears of your patients. Let’s look at steward health. During the pandemic. Steward took to facebook to not only thank the employees.

Engineering Directors Email Lists

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Doctors and nurses working around the clock. But also to educate followers about the current health crisis. Steward health published an article providing details on covid-19. Like how the disease is transmitted. They also took time to share their own plans for treating patients and mitigating the spread. How can you pivot like steward health? With a pandemic like covid-19. Misinformation was rampant on social about identifying and treating the disease. With viralpost. Steward determined when their audience interacted the most with their content to ensure accurate information about covid-19 was shared at a time that would reach the largest segment of the audience. Real estate social provides an outlet for future home buyers to read success stories. Testimonials about popular realtors.

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