We saw firsthand that when you think of the user first, google will find your value, regardless of the implementation method used.

With an extremely advanced artificial intelligence that is. Already being used by google, trying to trick it is useless.

What matters is the quality of your content responses to user intent, along with a great user experience.

Case study

The proof of this change in mindset is in the cake recipe.

Canceled practice: content created only around high-ranking keywords
We’re no longer creating hundreds of the same. [frying eggs] posts, each with a different colored egg, in an attempt to fool “Old google.”

The “old google” is gone.

Google now knows that [brown eggs] and [white eggs] are both [eggs]; it will China WhatsApp Number List easily mark those contents as spam. Keyword density is no longer the primary way to rank.

2022 best practices: using eat and human-

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entric user experience to create meaningful content
Rock content set out to rank for a very specific core term when we created our business data publication. That one term was [business data].

However, instead of ranking only for our main term, we ended up also ranking for terms and phrases of intent that were completely different from our original plan.

This post ended up being one of the top three results for. Keyword phrases we weren’t expecting to rank for, like [data for businesses] and [the value of data for businesses].

What happened?
Our team had created a robust article that answered a series of interconnected queries on a topic. The content helped answer deep questions from readers.

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