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Therefore,  year we witnessed the growth of new players in the world of social networks. Tiktok, snapchat and pinterest have become the focus of marketers who, in light of so much growth, will be challenged in 2022 to diversify and be more creative when it comes to social advertising.

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Therefore, start publishing a series of articles and interviews on key trends in social media in 2022 to help you plan for the year ahead. This content has been in partnership with hootsuite and focuses on the findings of their social. The  trends 2022 report , in which they interviewed 18,100 marketers and experts from across the industry.

This first article is about one of the report’s most interesting findings: emerging. The Indonesia WhatsApp Number List social channels, which are challenging marketers to get more creative with social ads.

Hootsuite research shows that

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Therefore, the perceived effectiveness of advertising across snapchat (+1200%), tiktok (+700%) and pinterest (+140%) skyrocketed among marketers.

Just look at the comparison between this year’s and last year’s responses . The to the question: which social platforms do you consider most effective in achieving your business goals?”

Source: hootsuite social trends 2022 survey
Tiktok is making a lot of noise
Tiktok hit 1 billion users in september and is expected to grow to 1.5 billion next year. Therefore, becoming mainstream among a younger generation with an entertainment feed that features their friends, idols, and. The influencers in creative video scenarios, dancing and pranking, for example.

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