But in its application it would allow the use of a reduction of the letter k for use in small elements and details (closures. Fav icons. Etc.). Responding to the needs of the brand. . Stylistic correction the style has to do with formal characteristics that transmit to the public certain concepts. Sensations. Identities. Thanks to shared conventions.

The brand must adopt a style compatible with the profile of the entity. Questions to understand your application: does the formal character. The “graphic way of being” of the signs inscribe the entity in its genre. Break justifiably with the sectorial paradigm or.

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On the contrary. Disidentify it by associating it with languages alien to its profile and its identity strategy? ? In the rebranding Jamaica phone number of the contemporary dance company ropa. We looked for a typography with personality. Transgressive. But that at the same time would work within the visual style of contemporary art.

Jamaica phone number

The use of the stencil resource. Combined with other secondary fonts. Allowed us to add those qualities to its graphic identity. Semantic compatibility the allusions. Connotations or denotation of the symbols occur along two axes: one that goes from  .

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And another axis that goes from figuration to abstraction (as in the cases from penguin books vs. Mitsubishi ). Semantic compatibility has to do with the correct location on these two axes. The sign must not make obvious references to incompatible or contradictory meanings with the identity of the organization.

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