Check each page that needs a canonical tag to show crawlers which version should be indexed.

Also, don’t add a “noindex” tag to the same page that receives a canonical tag, as this will send mixed signals to search engines.

Ux inaccuracies
have your team put themselves in the shoes of your visitors to test every aspect of the browsing experience:

check the charging speed;

check that the buttons work correctly;
browse the pages and see if you can easily find the pages you are looking for;
click on the relevant internal links;
test conversion on leading lead generation forms;
imagine that you have never visited your site. Try to break it.
Compile any bugs you find and report them to Spain WhatsApp Number List the developers as soon as possible to keep your site visitors around.

Analysis phase: determine if the migration was successful

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finally, the hardest part of the process is done. You are eager to see the results.

To gain an accurate perspective, benchmarking of relevant performance metrics is necessary.

Therefore, process can take one to three months, depending on the url profile of the new website and the size of the migration.

Focus on these main points:

organic traffic: drops right after migrations are not unusual, but a drastic drop can indicate large-scale problems with indexing and crawling.
Site speed ​​and usability: monitor speed and usability for desktop. The and mobile devices. Google search console can help you monitor core web vitals, and google analytics can help you discover average page load times.
Conversion rates: significant changes in these numbers can indicate whether the user’s journey is smoother or more complicated than before.Lost redirect chains: reduce the number of 301 redirects as much as you can while checking the status of your new url. The accumulation of these error codes can prevent crawlers and users from accessing your content.
Accidental duplicate content and incorrect url parameters
if you have multiple pages with similar content and don’t. The assign the “rel-canonical” tag to let search engines know, your new site may face the dreaded duplicate content error.

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