And with the help of sprout. The team hasn’t disappointed. The organization has experienced significant follower gains across social channels since starting to use sprout social in 2012. And those trends continue today. Year over year on facebook. Twitter and instagram. The blues saw a 2.2% increase in total social followers (1.1 million followers). Month over month. The team’s total social fans grew by 0.2%. Including 1.251 new twitter followers and 1.972 new instagram followers. Yet sprout’s ultimate value is arguably how it empowers the blues organization to work efficiently and effectively. “if we didn’t have sprout to wrangle everything. Our strategy would be a lot more disjointed.” butler said. “we have so many accounts we’re tying to monitor. So many things we’re trying to oversee. Along with everything that’s going on day to day for us. Practices. Game days.

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Community events—there’s so much going on that we Partners Email Lists that one place to really sort through everything and make sense of it. Even if we’re out of the office somewhere. We can hop on sprout’s mobile app. Go to our smart inbox. Check that something’s scheduled for the right time or edit something if we need to. It makes everything much more manageable.” now if only they handed out a stanley cup for social media. But gardner. Butler and the rest of the squad will happily settle for streamlining social strategy. Serving the fans and keeping sponsors satisfied using sprout social. Indiana university (iu). The home of the hoosiers. Has a storied history as one of the top universities in the midwest. Over the last 200 years. The university has expanded to nine campuses with a total of 88.861 students.

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Social media has become an integral piece of building iu’s brand identity and engaging its community. So their team needed a powerful solution to connect such an expansive system. They chose sprout social. Since then. The powerful tools at their fingertips have helped improve the student experience. Manage the university’s reputation. Unify their voice system-wide and even make a case for hiring new staff. The tag report has been a huge change for us in the past year. We have a lot going on. So using that function to track campaigns makes it easy to separate things out. Check the performance to each account and get a quick report that we can send off to our partners. Morgan campbell social media and digital marketing specialist overcoming decentralization for many higher education institutions.

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