Change your password so it reminds Kenya Phone Number you of your theme (make it secure, of course). Add the Momentum extension to Chrome and see what you want to do that day with every tab you open. Does the website you wanted Kenya Phone Number to go to fit in with that? Adjust the background of your devices to match your theme. Picture the object that reminds you of successfully doing your new habits. Set your alarm clock at certain times during the day and give that alarm clock a name that reminds you of your theme with a question mark.

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There are also habit apps that do this more elegantly, but this also works. in the middle of the night or devoting different journals for ideas, you put all your concepts in one file. Constantly store things like ideas, intriguing quotes, striking illustrations, observations, nice words that you want to use more often, tips that might come in handy. And go through that list regularly. Or use it as inspiration if you have something to write or present. How can a part from your spark file help you with that? In your note-taking app you can easily create a label, for example spark, and periodically open that label and reread the associated notes.

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The transition from 2020 to 2021 marked the end of a ‘special’ year for many of us. Time for change. But how? The classic New Year’s resolutions seem more like a ritual than an effective way of changing behaviour. Then set goals? That can help focus attention, money, and energy. But how do you formulate goals if you don’t know exactly what you want yet? Then themes or theme words might be something for you. Pick a theme and work in the spirit of that theme daily. A new beginning! A new year is a special moment.

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