Thinkers forces you to take a critical look Bahamas Phone Number at your own algorithms, the Batmans and the Jokers. What are they and what behavior do they lead to? And if that behavior is negative, what does the positive variant look like? That positive Bahamas Phone Number behavior is the behavior that you have to design and apply for yourself, step by step. If you do that successfully, there is also the chance that your algorithms will change with it. Also read: 5 simple tips to make your pitch very strong Someone else’s algorithms Working on your own behavior is a first step.

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But in interaction and work situations Bahamas Phone Number you always have to deal with others. Those others behave on the basis of their own beliefs and algorithms and will therefore also display their own behavior, which in turn influences us. And as long as that goes well, there’s nothing to worry about. It only gets exciting when things go Bahamas Phone Number rough or don’t go as expected. Many people then tend to ease the process by mainly pleasing the other person and avoiding the sharp edges. Eliminate yourself and give the other person space and his or her own meaning.

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Although it may keep the atmosphere good, it is often disastrous for the outcome of the interaction. Especially for the pleaser himself. From nice guy to mind speaker The book makes a case for the mind speaker as the opposite of the pleaser or nice guy . The mind speaker is someone who says what is on his mind. He has immersed himself in the other person and understands and realizes that differences of opinion can ultimately lead to a better outcome. An important aspect is really getting to the bottom of the other person, by getting to know him or her and getting to know yourself.

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