January And are you in doubt? Then Brazil Phone Number yourself the following questions: Is this happening ‘now’? Does it happen in the present tense, for a certain length of time? Is anything changing? Are you Brazil Phone Number asking about something happening ‘now’? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, use . The past is not over Now it gets tricky. The present perfect is more common in Dutch than in English. ‘We have Brazil Phone Number cycled’ is more common than ‘ we have biked ‘. In general, this form is only used in English when an action is unfinished. An action can start in the past and be still in progress or have happened in the past.

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‘finished’ now. Examples: ‘I’ve Brazil Phone Number known him for three years’. I still know this person. Or: ‘ I knew him for three years’. I have no contact now. ‘I’ve lost my keys’ . Now I can’t get into my car, because apparently I haven’t found them yet. Or: ‘ I lost my keys and had to Brazil Phone Number call a locksmith’. This problem has clearly been resolved. ‘I’ve watched three episodes of Marianne this week’. Maybe I’ll watch more Brazil Phone Number this week. Or: ‘ I watched three episodes of Marianne last week’. Whatever happens, I can never watch more than three last week. After all, you can’t go back in time to magically add a few more episodes. watch the tone For.

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In a follow-up email. If an Brazil Phone Number American colleague were to send me a message with the text: ‘ I have written to you about this’ , I could feel slightly attacked. Have written can imply Brazil Phone Number that it has happened before, that it is a problem, and that this colleague thinks he should keep busy. Using the simple past can avoid Brazil Phone Number misunderstandings. ” I wrote you last week ” is a friendly reminder or refresher that won’t bother anyone. Hopefully you can make your English texts even better with these tips. Do you have any tips for Dutch people who have to write in English? Or do you have a question? Then leave a comment.

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