Decentralization is a challenge. “before colleges really understood what social media would mean and how to use it strategically. Individual departments were creating their own profiles. By the time that i started here in 2017 there were at least 600 different iu related accounts just for iu bloomington.” says clayton norman. The social media and digital marketing leader for iu studios. The marketing and communications branch of the university. Iu also uses several social platforms to target different audience segments—instagram. Youtube and tiktok for current and prospective students. Twitter primarily for students and faculty. Facebook for reaching parents. Grandparents and alumni. And linkedin for research faculty and young. Professional alumni. With so many accounts across platforms. It could be difficult to maintain a consistent brand and unified strategy. Iu has developed several different ways to overcome that challenge.

We’ve Broken Down The Must Do’s From A To Z

One being the social media council. A community of iu General Manager Email List that come together to share best practices. Recent wins. Ways to collaborate across the iu system and more. Additionally. Norman and his team act in a consulting role for different units. Including administrative offices. Departments and programs. “we help each unit think more strategically about where they want to go with their own brand. What their story is going forward and how they can execute that on social to fit within the larger iu brand.” says norman. In addition to the essential collaboration between iu studios and the whole iu network. Norman and his team use sprout’s message tagging and reporting tools to back up strategic thinking and execution. “the tag report has been a huge change for us in the past year.

General Manager Email List

The Value Of Continuing Education

We have a lot going on. So using that function to track campaigns makes it easy to separate things out. Check the performance to each account and get a quick report that we can send off to our partners.” says morgan campbell. Iu’s social media and digital marketing specialist. Listening to the student voice campbell also manages monitoring and publishing in sprout every day. So she is on the front lines of community engagement. She keeps a close eye on what students are saying and brings those insights to leadership. Using sprout’s smart inbox. Campbell addresses comments. Questions and concerns all in one single stream. Campbell can also reference conversation history in the contact view while replying to personalize messages for anyone that she’s responded to previously. It’s also a useful feature for her to gauge what the intent of the conversation is. “if i see that a user keeps coming up in the inbox with complaints.

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